Breeding of Animals (Dogs)

Because of the problems associated with "over breeding" of dogs (puppy farms) legislation was developed requiring premises used for the commercial breeding of dogs to be licensed by local councils.  The definition of a breeding establishment has subsequently been modified, allowing "hobby" breeders to continue without a licence.

Owners of pet animals having an occasional litter are NOT required to be licensed.

Please phone us if you are looking for a licensed dog breeder in Wychavon, or you want help with getting a licence.

Any person keeping a breeding establishment for dogs -  defined as a person keeping bitches which give birth to five or more litters during any 12 month period, and who offer at least one puppy for sale - require a licence.

Standard conditions are used on licences to protect the welfare of the animals, and we have the right to include other relevant conditions on a licence.

Veterinary inspection of all potential new premises is carried out at additional cost for the applicant. We may also require a further inspection where obvious problems are found or we get complaints.

Applicants have a right of appeal to Magistrates Court against refusal by us to issue a licence, or conditions that we attach to a licence.

To download an application form, please visit our forms and fact sheets page.

Anyone suffering nuisance due to noise, smells or similar because of a commercial premises should contact the Environmental Protection team to see if we can help (email phone 01527 881395).

Grant of a licence doesn't mean that we've given planning permission: consent under town and country planning law may still be required. Please contact our Planning Services on 01386 565565.

Further Information

All Licensing and Environmental Health Matters are now dealt with by Worcestershire Regulatory Services.

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