Betting Premises

 Licence Summary

Premises licences

You need a premises licence from your local Licensing Authority before you can run a betting shop, track or trading room. You need to have applied for an operating licence from the Gambling Commission before you apply for a premises licence.

You may apply for either a provisional statement or a premises licence, depending on how far along you are in building and occupying your premises:

  • You should apply for a provisional statement from your local licensing authority if your premises still needs to be built, needs major alterations, or you do not have the right to occupy it. 
  • You can directly apply for a premises licence from your local licensing authority if you have the right to occupy your premises and you have a valid operating licence that allows you to run a betting business.

The Gambling Commission seeks to ensure that those offering facilities for gambling, or working in the gambling industry, are suitable. The Gambling Act 2005 allows us to assess the suitability of applicants for operating and personal licences. 

As a Licensing Authority, we are able to grant premises licences to people who already hold an operating licence (issued by the Gambling Commission).  Facilities for gambling can be made available on licensed premises. Premises that can be licensed for gambling include:

  • casino premises
  • bingo premises
  • betting premises (including tracks)
  • adult gaming centres (AGCs)
  • family entertainment centres (FECs).


Local licensing authorities in England and Wales are allowed to set the cost of premises licences (not permits) depending on the type of premises.  Details are available on our "forms and factsheets" page.


Is a premises licence always needed?

In addition to premises licences, there are other forms of authorisation that we can grant, including:

  • authorisations for the temporary use of premises - a temporary use notice allows the holder of an operating licence to make facilities for gambling available on a temporary basis, without the need for a full premises licence
  • occasional use notices - an occasional use notice  allows betting on a track (for 8 days or less in a calendar year) without the need for a full premises licence. 
  • four different types of permit.

Contact us if you are interested in these other gambling authorisations.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must hold the relevant operator's licence issued by the Gambling Commission, and must have a right to occupy the premises.

Regulation Summary

A summary of the eligibility criteria for this licence

Application Evaluation Process

Applications must be sent to the licensing authority for the area where the premises are located.

Applications must be in a specific format and be accompanied by any required fee.

The principles that we apply in exercising our functions can be found in our statement of their licensing policy.

In making licensing decisions, are also bound to have regard to Statutory Guidance issued by the Gambling Commission.  Guidance to licensing authorities - May 2009 is available to download.

Our approach to licensing is set out in our statement of licensing policy, which is available to download.


Applying for a licence

Applicants can find information about the type(s) of licence(s) they will require, and details of how to apply in the relevant section below:

Do I have to tell anyone if I have applied for a premises licence?

You need to let these people know if you have applied for a premises licence or a provisional statement within seven days of applying:

  • Gambling Commission
    4th Floor, Victoria Square House
    Victoria Square
    Birmingham    B2 4BP
  • HMRC -
    National Registration Unit
    Portcullis House
    21 India Street
    Glasgow G2 4PZ  
  • The local Chief Officer of Police
    West Mercia Constabulary, Licensing Unit
    Police Station
    Castle Street
    Worcester WR1 3RX
  • The local Fire and Rescue Authority
    Hereford & Worcester Fire Safety
    Legislative Fire Safety
    South District HQ
    Worcester Road
    Malvern   WR14 1TA
  • The local Environmental Protection Authority
    Env. Services, Environmental Protection
    Wychavon District Council
    Queen Elizabeth Drive
    Worcs., WR10 1PT
  • The competent authority to advise on child protection issues:
    Safeguarding & Quality Assurance
    Worcestershire County Council
    Wildwood Way
    Worcester  WR5 2NP
  • The local Planning Authority
    Wychavon District Council, Planning Department
    Queen Elizabeth Way
    Worcs.,  WR10 1PT

You also need to announce that you have applied in public at least once in the ten working days after you submit your application, by:

  • publishing in a local newspaper or newsletter
  • posting notice in a convenient place outside the proposed premises.
Will Tacit Consent Apply?

No.  Activities must not take place until the relevant licence or permit has been granted.

Apply online

Online facilities are not available for these licences.

Failed Application Redress

Please contact us, in the first instance.

If an application for a licence is refused the failed applicant can appeal to the Magistrates' Court, within 21 days of notice of the decision.

Licence Holder Redress

Please contact your Local Authority in the first instance.

Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days' of notice of the decision.

Consumer Complaint

We would always advise that in the event of a complaint the first contact is made with the trader by you - preferably in the form a letter (with proof of delivery). If that has not worked, if you are located in the UK, Consumer Direct will give you advice. From outside the UK contact the UK European Consumer Centre.

An interested party or responsible authority may apply to the licensing authority to review the premises licence. A hearing will be held by the licensing authority.

Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days of notice of the decision.

Other Redress

Anyone suffering nuisance due to noise, smells or similar because of a commercial premises should contact the Environmental Protection team to see if we can help (email, phone 01527 881395.

The chief police officer for the police area where the premises are located can apply to the licensing authority for a review of the licence if they are of the opinion that the premises are associated with either serious crime or disorder or both. A hearing will be held and the licence holder and other interested parties may make representations.

An interested party or responsible body may make representations in relation to a licence application or request the licensing body to review a licence.

An interested party or responsible authority may apply to the licensing authority to review the premises licence. A hearing will be held by the licensing authority.

An interested party or relevant authority who made relevant representations may appeal against the granting of a licence or against any condition, or variation decision. 

Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days of notice of the decision.


Further Information

All Licensing and Environmental Health Matters are now dealt with by Worcestershire Regulatory Services.

For direct public enquiries and referrals:

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