Chairman of the Council

The main role of the Chairman is to act as a non-political, civic and ceremonial head of the District of Wychavon.

The role of the Chairman also includes:

  • Chairing meetings of the Council
  • Acting as official host to visitors of the District
  • To represent the District at civic and ceremonial events
  • To promote public involvement in the Council's activities

The Chairman for 2016/17 is Councillor Mrs Frances Smith

The Vice-Chairman for 2016/17 is Councillor Mrs Elizabeth Eyre. You can contact the Chairman's Office by post, telephone, fax or email

You can read about the events that the Chairman has attended by reading the Chairman's Blog.

Past Chairmen of Wychavon District Council

1974/76 Lt Col R G Burlingham T.D, J.P
1976/78 R.J.Beckley
1978/80 W B Ashton
1980/82 R J Chandler
1982/84 D Brooks
1984/86 Mrs J M Jones
1986/87 E A Townsend
1987/88 D S Lawley
1988/89 Mrs C J Brackston
1989/90 R G Cartwright
1990/91 Mrs E C Hope
1991/92 G E Moone
1992/93 G J Barnett
1993/94 P Coley
1994/95 M Mathews
1995/96 V M Issacs B.E.M
1996/97 R Mason
1997/98 S J Selby
1998/99 J D Payne
1999/00 Mrs E C Hope
2000/01 D W Folkes
2001/02 A Hotham TD
2002/03 J H Smith
2003/04 M C J Barratt J.P
2004/05 D S Noyes
2005/06 Mrs P E Davey
2006/07 Mrs J C Dowty
2007/08 D S Lawley
2008/09 Mrs J E Sandalls
2009/10 A L Dyke
2010/11 Mrs L Robinson
2011/12 A P Miller
2012/13 R J Morris
2013/14 G O'Donnell
2014/15 Mrs L R Duffy
2015/16 Mrs V A Wood