New Homes Bonus Discussion

We have set this page up in response to requests from parish councils.  The page is for parish and town councils to post questions or share ideas about how they're spending their New Homes Bonus (NHB).  We hope this will be useful to other parish and town councils with similar questions or who are considering how to use their NHB allocations.

We will also post information about issues that frequently come up in NHB proposals.  Please do contribute to the discussion and let us know if you find it useful.

Are you planning to spend NHB on defibrillators?

We've been getting a lot of proposal for defibrillators recently.  If you are putting together a proposal to spend some of your NHB on defibrillators please ensure you include the following information in your proposal form.

  • What type of defibrillators they are.
  • Where they will be sited.
  • Who and how many people will be trained.
  • Whether the cost includes the training.
  • Who will be monitoring and maintaining the defibrillators.
  • How will you let the residents know where they are.
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