Intelligently Green Awards

The purpose of the Wychavon Intelligently Green Awards is to celebrate and promote intelligently green projects and activities in Wychavon. By doing this, we want to encourage more people to be intelligently green. Nominations for the awards have now closed. 

We announced the winners of the inaugural awards at a special ceremony on 16 July.   


The winners

Intelligently Green Winners


Hill and Moor Parish Council for street lighting upgrade

In 2012, the parish council replaced its outdated, inefficient lighting system with new, low energy LED lamps.  This resulted in reduced energy consumption, better lighting on road junctions and a significant drop in energy costs from £1,613 a year to £364.



Mike Coe for The Autonomous House, Cropthorne

Mike's aim was to build a house that would make minimal demands on the environment during construction and in use. He also wanted it to be attractive and comfortable to live in.  The house has no space heating of any kind; is super-insulated; and, completely ‘water neutral' through use of harvested rainwater and composting toilets.  Intelligent use of renewable energy makes the house carbon negative. 



Lisa Whelan for Jelly Pickle Jam

Jelly Pickle Jam harvests fruit that would otherwise go to waste and turns it into jam, pickle or other products.  The fruit owner can choose to keep 50% of the harvested crop, or to have some of the preserves it's made into or to donate 10% of the profit from products made from their batch to a local charity of their choice.



Alan Miller for the Greening the Vale film

The film captures what a range of innovative and creative local individuals, groups and businesses are doing to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and the car.  In terms of transport, the film addresses food miles and features initiatives such as the H-Bug cycling project in Honeybourne and Paddle for Life.


Overall winner

Mike Coe for The Autonomous House, Cropthorne – arguably the most energy efficient home in the country.  The judges were inspired by Mike's imagination in embarking on the project and impressed with how he has promoted the project both during the construction phase and since completion.  The judges described the house as "A unique, brilliant, innovative project. Almost a one-off in the UK and it's here in Wychavon."


Other nominees

Here are some of the other individuals and organisations that were nominated for an award.  They're all doing great things that are having a positive impact on the environment and community.


What is intelligently green?

For us, intelligently green is about doing things that not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also have community or financial benefits. You can find out more in our Intelligently Green Plan.


About the awards

Entry to the awards was open to individuals, households, community groups, schools and businesses. Nominations had to be for projects and activities that took place in the Wychavon district between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2014.

Our judges were looking for evidence that nominated projects and activities:

  • have made a significant positive impact in one or more of the four award categories
  • can demonstrate environmental and community or financial benefits

They were also looking for innovation, creativity and how nominees are using their project or activity to promote greener practices to other people.



The awards are sponsored by Rooftop Housing Group, Red Deer Herbs, The Evesham Greengrocer and Transition Evesham Vale.