New Homes Bonus

Click here to check your parish or town's current New Homes Bonus allocations. The amount available to draw down excludes any monies we have approved but not yet paid to you.


We require ALL parish and town councils to consult the community about how New Homes Bonus allocations for their areas should be spent and to provide evidence that they have done so for example by holding public meetings, flyers through doors, notices around the parish and in parish magazines.  If you do not tell your community how much New Homes Bonus you have available to spend and invite views on how it should be spent we will not consider any proposals you submit to us.  Please see community consultation below.

What is New Homes Bonus?

The government introduced the New Homes Bonus in April 2011.  The bonus was designed to ensure that the economic benefits of housing growth are returned to the councils and communities where that growth takes place.  For every new home built and occupied in Wychavon, and every long-term empty home brought back into use, the government gives us a non-ring fenced New Homes Bonus grant each year for six years.

Our New Homes Bonus Protocol (2014-2016) explains how the bonus is calculated, its relationship to the planning system and how we are using the money.  We have allocated up to 40% of our years two to five New Homes Bonus grant for investment in local communities where the development that has generated it has taken place. We have invited parish and town councils to submit proposals for spending New Homes Bonus allocations for their area.

Update on current position

You can find out here how much is available to you during 2016/17.
The Government is reducing the number of years for which New Homes Bonus payments are made from six years to five years in 2017 to 2018, and from six years to four years from 2018 to 2019.

This will affect how much Years 2 to 5 New Homes Bonus that we receive and therefore, the amount we are able to pass on to communities.  We are currently calculating what this means in monetary terms for each parish and town in Wychavon and will publish the updated figures here in January. 

The New Homes Bonus scheme is set to continue with a number of other changes.  In the coming months we will start to look at options for spending Year 6 and Year 7 New Homes Bonus* and will start developing a new New Homes Bonus Protocol, which we will publish on our website in due course.  Year 6 is New Homes Bonus money associated with homes completed and occupied between October 2014 and October 2015 and Year 7 is for homes completed and occupied between October 2015 and October 2016.

Community consultation

We require ALL parish and town councils to consult the community about how NHB allocations for their areas should be spent and to provide evidence that they have done so. For allocations of £10,000 and over we will expect a greater level of consultation. See sections 8.5 and 8.7 of the protocol.

We will generally expect allocations over £10,000 to be used for new community facilities and services, or significant expansions to existing ones, rather than being spent on lots of small items or activities (section 8.6 of the protocol). - click on the link below for more details.


Defibrillators - please see community consultation guidance link above before you complete your form

Phone boxes - will NHB support refurbishment of phone boxes?

Yes as long as it has community support the Localism Panel would support renovation of the phone box if it has an innovative purpose – e.g book exchange, tourist point, art installation, defibrillator etc

Any proposals over £10,000 will go to the Localism and Community Funding Advisory Panel for approval.  The  dates of the meetings are listed below along with the deadline date in brackets for receipt of the proposal form:

3 April 2017 (15 March - 1pm)

22 May 2017 (5 May)

17 July 2017 (29 June)

4 September 2017 (17 August)

30 October 2017 (19 October)

11 December 2017 23 November)


For more information click on the links below or contact Tracy Perkins on 01386 565517 or email