Personal Licence Renewals

The Government is working to remove the requirement for personal licence holders to renew their licence every 10 years through the Deregulation Bill, which is currently before Parliament. The first personal licences were granted in February 2005. However, the Deregulation Bill will not receive Royal Assent before the tenth anniversary of the date on which the first personal licences were granted. To ensure that personal licence holders are not disadvantaged by this position, the Government has introduced new arrangements through secondary legislation for those whose licences are due for renewal before the proposal in the Bill comes into force.

A factsheet for the information of personal licence holders whose licences are due to expire in the early part of 2015 can be found here: Factsheet for Licence Holders.

The form that you will need to submit to apply for renewal of your personal licence is now available here: Personal Licence Renewal Form

You should submit your renewal application form, along with both parts of your existing personal licence not less than one month before your personal licence is due to expire.  There is no fee to pay in order to renew your personal licence.  The application form and existing licence should be sent to:

Personal Licence Renewals, Worcestershire Regulatory Services, PO Box 866, Worcester, WR1 9DP

If you do not apply for renewal at least one month before your existing licence is due to expire, then you will not be able to renew your licence and will have to apply for a new personal licence and provide the required documentation and payment.

In line with guidance provided by the Government, the Council will acknowledge receipt of renewal applications and return the existing personal licences submitted with such applications, but will not be issuing any renewed licences.  Licences with an expiry date will remain valid provided the holder submitted a completed renewal application to the licensing authority for renewal not later than one month before their expiry date.

For further advice please email or call 01905 822799 and ask to speak to the Licensing Duty Officer.