Planning Applications

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Planning Services consider a number of things when looking at planning applications:

  • Development Management - responsible for deciding on planning applications and enforcement issues, guided by policies and briefs, government guidance and individual merits of a proposal.
  • Planning Policy - responsible for the preparation of documents outlining the policies which the Council use in deciding Planning Applications.
  • Planning Enforcement - based within the Development Management Team, it is responsible for investigating any breach of planning.

By focusing on all these points, Planning Officers can ensure that development in the District is directed in the public's interest.


All information disclosed on the file on our website regarding an application is open to public inspection.

For security purposes, the intention is that all signatures, e-mail addresses and telephone contact details will be withheld from publication on our website. However, these may still be open to inspection by personal visitors at our offices. We do not accept anonymous representations.  As a minimum all representations should contain the home address.

N.B    Any comments/objections posted directly to this website will include all the information which you provide (including personal contact details such as signatures, email addresses and telephone contact details). If you do not wish these personal contact details to appear on this website, please do not include them in your online comments and alternatively make your comments an attachment to an email.

Make sure that your comments are relevant and not defamatory or offensive, because you remain personally and legally responsible for them. We reserve the right to remove from this website the entirety of any comment which contains any words which are or may be defamatory or offensive.


If you would like more information about a planning application contact:

Planning Services
Wychavon District Council
Civic Centre
Queen Elizabeth Drive
WR10 1PT
Telephone: 01386 565565 - between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday