Weed Spraying

Wychavon start their weed spraying in April and finish in September, we have a small dedicated team who do all the residential areas throughout Wychavon, all the towns and nearly 100 villages.


There is a strict criteria that needs to be met before any spraying can take place, it must be dry, and forecast to be dry for at least 24hrs before and after the application of the weed killer, and It must not be windy, the latter point is most important, as we are spraying a strong weed killer right up to residents gardens and flowers beds and windblown spray will kill anything it comes into contact with. Weed spraying is only carried out in urban towns and villages, we do not spray in rural lanes.


Again this year we have had problems with the weather which has made the application of the weed killer problematic, lots of wet windy weather meant we got off to a slow start, where we did spray was compromised by the rain which negates the effectiveness of the weed killer, together with this it has been excellent growing weather for the weeds, which has compounded the efforts made by the crews.

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