Abandoned shopping trolley charging consultation

Abandoned trolley

In recent months there has been an increase in reports of shopping trolleys being abandoned in ditches, waterways and on pavements around Wychavon.

As a council we do respond to these reports by removing or collecting them however this comes at a cost to us and is becoming an increasing strain on our already stretched finances.

In response to this we intend to charge supermarkets and other retailers for the collection, storage and disposal of abandoned shopping trolleys, using powers available to us under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Once introduced, these powers would allow us to seize shopping or luggage trolleys found by an authorised council officer on any land in the open air that appears to have been abandoned.


Within 14 days we will send a notice to the retailer/owner of the trolley informing them we have seized it and advising them of where it is being stored and if it is not claimed we will dispose of it.

Proposed charges are as follows:

£100 for the first trolley

£50 for every subsequent trolley

(The above charges are illustrative and may be changed before this provision is adopted.)

We are currently consulting on this and are keen to hear the views of both residents and shopping trolley owners.

In particular we want to know:

  • Your experience of abandoned trolleys and their impact on the environment
  • Whether you accept, or not, the need for the council to introduce charges


Click below to complete a the relevant short online survey which will take about 10 minutes to complete:

Resident's Survey

Shopping trolley Owners Survey

Alternatively email mark.edwards@wychavon.gov.uk with your comments.

Paper copies are also available to be filled in at the community contact centres in Evesham, Droitwich and Pershore.

The consultation closes at 4pm on 24 August 2015.