Effect of inclusion on the Local List

Implications for development management

Heritage assets included on the Local List are not subject to any additional planning controls over alteration or demolition.  Where a planning application is needed for development, or an allocation is proposed, then the heritage asset’s inclusion on the Local List will be a “material consideration” i.e. will be taken into account when deciding on a planning application or planning appeal.

The council will monitor the effect of the Local List and, if necessary and expedient to do so, will introduce an Article 4 Direction to remove certain permitted development rights such as demolition and alterations to elevations.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) may also be introduced where additional controls are thought desirable for example, where trees are part of a heritage asset such as a historic designed landscape.

Statutory designation may be considered where, during the process of assessment, it is considered that nominated heritage assets are of more than local interest.

New conservation areas may be designated or boundaries of existing ones reviewed where there are significant groups of local heritage assets to give them greater protection.

Implications for building control

Locally listed buildings would become buildings where special considerations apply in relation to Approved Documents L1B and L2B of the Building Regulations, which relate to the conservation of fuel and power in existing buildings this effectively means that the special interest of the heritage asset can be better safeguarded through the Building Regulations process.