Councillors are entitled to claim certain allowances for their role, although they can choose not to be paid some or all of them.  The Council has to provide a Basic Allowance for each Councillor. The other allowances are discretionary. Currently at Wychavon Councillors may be paid the following in addition to the Basic Allowance:

  • Special Responsibility Allowance – to Councillors who hold certain positions in the Council such as Chairman of a Committee, or Leader of a Group on the Council;
  • Travel and Subsistence Allowance – these can only be claimed when Councillors carry out "approved duties" such as attending meetings;
  • Dependent Carers Allowance – where a Councillor has children or looks after another dependent at their home they can claim this allowance when they carry out "approved duties" as above.

 Councillors Allowances Scheme

The Members Allowances Scheme sets out the amounts of each allowance and when it can be claimed.


Independent Remuneration Panel

The amounts of the allowances available to Councillors are recommended to the Council by the Independent Remuneration Panel.  The Panel is made up of a group of people who are not Councillors.  The Council must "have regard" to the Panel's recommendations when it decides the level of allowances each year.

The Panel can act as a Parish Remuneration Panel to recommend certain allowances for Town and Parish Councils.

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