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  • Your calendar shows you which colour wheelie bin to put out each week
  • Your collections will be from the boundary of your property, nearest the public highway
  • Ensure your wheelie bins are ready for collection by 7am on the day of your collection, making sure the lid is closed and all the waste or recycling is inside the bins
  • If your bin has been missed please use the 'Missed Bin' online form to report it to us
  • PLEASE NOTE: We only empty bins provided by ourselves, which are marked Wychavon District Council 

Together we recycle!

Don't forget

To aid the sorting process:

  • All recycling needs to be clean and empty of liquids and food
  • Kept whole, not squashed
  • Placed loose inside green bin (no bags/sacks inside bin)  
  • We can't take any extra recycling that isn't put inside the bin*
  • Please do not put needles or sharps in your recycling or refuse collection

*We can always provide an additional green recycling bin if needed free of charge

Additional, Smaller and Larger Wheelie Bins

  • Large 240 litre black wheelie bins can only be provided where households consist of 6 or more people, have children in nappies, or produce large amounts of non-hazardous medical waste
  • If you have access problems or generate less waste, a smaller bin may be more suitable for you
  • Please click to make a request

Assisted Collection

We can arrange an assisted collection for elderly or disabled residents where there is no-one in the household who is physically able to place bins at the front edge of the property.

  • Assisted collections are provided from an agreed collection point
  • An officer may visit you to discuss the best arrangements
  • The bin/sack must be collectable without the need for the crew to take it up/down/over steps, steep slopes or deep gravel
  • The collection point must be kept free of obstructions on collection day

Arrange Assisted Collection.

Households exempt from wheelie bin collection

There are a small number of properties that have been assessed and are exempt from using wheelie bins. These households have the same items collected (except glass) as households on bins but use sacks;

  • Every other week we collect clear sacks (no limit), your calendar shows you which week to put out your recycling (no glass)
  • Every week we collect black sacks (maximum of 2 Wychavon issued sacks per week) (no glass)
  • Ensure your sacks are ready for collection by 7am on the day of your collection and are placed on the boundary of your property nearest the public highway
  • 52 refuse and 40 clear recycling sacks are delivered annually in March. Additional recycling sacks can be collected from our Community Contact Centres in Droitwich, Evesham and Pershore.
  • Recyclable glass i.e. jars, bottles, etc can be taken to these local Recycling Banks

Bank Holiday Collections

Collections are not affected by the Bank holidays (except for Christmas and New Year). Please put your wheelie bins out on your normal collection day, this includes domestic refuse, commercial refuse, recycling and garden waste.

For more information contact:

Client Services
Wychavon District Council
Telephone 01386 565018 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.