Loo of the Year Awards

Judging Criteria

A new grading system was introduced in December 2012 of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.  Following an unannounced visit by an authorised Loo of the Year Awards Inspector, loos judged receive an Award Grading Certificate.  Each entry is fully assessed against the following judging criteria covering both male and female facilities, as well as any changing and accessible facilities provided:-

Signage and communication: Directional signage (where applicable), external building signage (where applicable), internal customer communication signage
Decor and maintenance: State of repair - internal and external (if applicable)
Fixtures and fittings provision: Sanitary fittings, taps, locks, hooks etc
Cleanliness: Walls and ceilings, floor areas, fixtures and fittings - basins, bowls, seats, taps etc.
Hygiene equipment: Hand washing, hand drying, toilet tissue, sanitary product disposal
Air quality: Ventilation, drainage smells etc
Extras: Added value enhancement - vending, flowers etc.
Security: Lighting, entrances, external areas (if applicable)
Accessible facilities: Proper provision for both sexes or a unisex facility
Changing facilities: Proper provision for both sexes or a unisex facility
Overall management and customer care  

For more information contact:

Client Services
Wychavon District Council
Telephone: 01386 565399 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday
Email client.services@wychavon.gov.uk