Buying groups for heating oil and LPG

In 2011/12, we set a promise to enable communities to build resilience through promoting bulk purchasing of heating oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for households not on a main fuel supply. In the autumn of 2011, we ran a series of local communities energy events to promote the concept to parish councils and wider rural communities. 

If you're considering setting up or becoming part of a buying group, you may find the information and contacts below useful.

Why do it?

  • It's cheaper – discounts for volume orders and shared delivery.
  • Fewer goods vehicles – less vehicles in your village and less carbon dioxide.
  • Social cohesion – working together to benefit the community.

Quick tips to setting up a group

  • Get interest from other people – social networking, ring rounds, door knocking are all good ways to gauge interest.
  • Work out how and who will administer the group and what policies you'll have.
  • Establish good communication – website, email and/or phone.  
  • Minimum order volumes – need to be checked form the outset.
  • Accepting deliveries – who will be around?
  • When to buy the oil? Will you buy at a fixed time or watch the market? Seasonal trends - it tends to be cheaper to buy in the summer – coordinators should encourage buying then rather than in the more expensive winter months or buying in say November rather than December.
  • Safe deliveries – suppliers will need all household details to make safe deliveries – details can be collected through the registration process.

Community First oil buying scheme

Community First has set up a community oil bulk buying scheme to help people living in rural communities reduce their fuel bills. You can join as a new member or as part of an existing oil buying group. For more details take a look at their leaflet.

Local contacts

Community First
Phone: 01432 267 820

Ken Wood                                                                                          
Pebworth Buying Group
Phone: 01789 720296
Mobile: 07807048324

Mike Parker
Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy Group (SESAME)
Phone: 01386 881863
Mobile: 07949200207
Newsletter: Sedgeberrow Post

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