Hate Incident - Reporting a Problem

Male and female shouting

A secure online service to provide details of a Hate Incident (Can be provided anonymously).

Report a Hate Incident Online

What we need from you

Complete all required fields as accurately as you can providing as much information as possible to assist us in determining the most appropriate action.

Who is Responsible?

This service is the responsibility of the local District, City or Borough Council and the request you raise online will be forwarded directly to the relevant department.

What we will do

The receiving department review all requests received each day and determine the most appropriate action based on both the details you provided and any policies and procedures currently in operation.

 Hate Crime Strategic Plan

The Worcestershire Safer Communities Board have identified tackling Hate Crime as a priority area of work and have drawn together a multi-agency plan to raise awareness of hate crime in order to try and reduce the level of harm that hate incidents can cause to our local communities.

Worcestershire Strategic Hate Crime Plan for 2013/14 (PDF 88 KB)