Code of Practice

The system is operated under a strict Code of Practice and within Human Rights and Data Protection legislation.  These pieces of legislation are available to view at

Release of Information to Individuals

If you wish to obtain data relating to yourself that might be held on the Council's CCTV system you will need to complete a Release of Information Application Form.

This should be returned to the address shown on the form together with the fee, photographs and any other required documents.

Please note that there are certain exemptions to the release of information and this might mean we are unable to agree to your request. These are detailed on page 1 of the form.

To receive a copy of data for any legal proceedings that you may be involved in a solicitor will need to make an application under Section 35(2) of the Data Protection Act 2018 for you.

For more details about obtaining information held on our CCTV system, please click here.

Further information and advice relating to data protection may be obtained from the Information Commissioner's website


Comments, Compliments and Complaints

If you have a suggestion, comment to make or wish to complain about some aspect of the CCTV service, contact.

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