The government introduced the New Homes Bonus in April 2011. The scheme was designed to ensure that the economic benefits of housing growth are returned to the councils and communities where that growth takes place.

For every new home built and occupied in Wychavon, and every long-term empty home brought back into use, the government gives us a non-ring fenced New Homes Bonus grant each year for four years.

We have allocated £3.5 million of the New Homes Bonus we have received for homes built between October 2010 and October 2014 for investment in local communities where the development that has generated it has taken place. pdf Read our New Homes Bonus Protocol (2014-2016) for more information about (opens in new window)  (3.68 MB)  

Parish and town councils can submit proposals for spending New Homes Bonus allocations for their area. Find out how much your parish or town has left under this scheme (opens in new window), the figures exclude any monies approved but not yet paid.

Read how to submit a proposal

pdf Read New Homes Bonus Protocol 2018-2022 (opens in new window) (1.38 MB) . This explains how we are using New Homes Bonus generated by new development completed between October 2014 and October 2018.  We are investing a significant proportion in major projects across the district and have also set up a Community Legacy Grant scheme of up to £3 million that parish and town councils can bid for. Read about the Community Legacy Grant (opens in new window)

For more information about New Homes Bonus click on the links below or contact our localism and community officer, Tracy Perkins:

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