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Our Community Legacy Grant scheme is a £3 million fund for innovative, ambitious, viable capital projects that meet local needs and that will create a significant community legacy.  The scheme can also provide start-up funding for smaller, innovative schemes that address local need.

There are three annual bidding rounds open to parish and town councils. We awarded £844,600 to eight projects in the first round and £890,000 in round two. Expressions of interest for round three closed on 7 December 2020.

Individual grant awards will normally be between £10,000 and £100,000.  The scheme is funded through New Homes Bonus payments we receive from the government. 

How to submit a bid

Each year there is a two-stage competitive bidding process open to parish and town councils.  Parish and town councils can make up to two bids in any one year.  Those making two applications will need to indicate which one is the higher priority.

Stage one – expressions of interest

Round three expressions of interest closed on 7 December 2020.


Stage two – full applications

We have invited parish and town councils whose proposals align with the overall aims of the Community Legacy Grant scheme and meet the scheme’s criteria to submit a second stage, more detailed application.  The deadline for full applications is 5 March 2021. We will run a training session for those for those submitting full applications in January.  

You will need to carry out consultation about your proposals before submitting a stage two full application. We have put together these
consultation guidelines to assist you in planning your consultation.

All stage two applications must give full details of the following:

  • Clear evidence of the need for their project.

  • Evidence of community support, including whether or not the local district councillor/s supports the project.

  • Evidence of how you have met our consultation requirements.

  • A project plan.

  • Breakdown of costs.

  • Details of match funding, including local contributions.

  • Expected impact.

Rules of the grant scheme

Grants must be for capital projects or for start-up funding for new activities or services that meet a clearly evidenced need.   Above all else, there must be evidence that projects are deliverable and will have a positive, lasting impact on the community.

We will not generally award funding for:

  • Projects that have already been completed or largely completed before we receive an application.

  • Any expenditure incurred or committed before we approve an award.

  • Day to day running costs, replacement equipment, repairs, maintenance or the costs of meeting health and safety requirements.

  • The like for like replacement or refurbishment of kitchens, toilets, floors, roofs or storage in community buildings unless it is part of a larger redevelopment project.

  • One off events.

  • Professional fees for speculative projects or planning application fees.

  • Fundraising activities.

  • Political or religious activities.

  • Work that is the responsibility of other public bodies or organisations.

  • School projects unless the matter is outside any other funding mechanism, and there is a demonstrable wider community benefit, and there is evidence that the community supports use of NHB monies for this purpose


We require applications for new community buildings or significant refurbishments of community buildings to consider installation of renewable energy technologies and those that include car parking facilities to incorporate provision of one or more publicly accessible electric vehicle charging points.

We require applicants for projects that include the redevelopment of green space to consider how they could contribute to the provision of new or enhanced habitats for pollinators.

Section 6 of the 2019 update of our pdf New Homes Bonus Protocol (2018-2022) (1.38 MB)  contains the full set of criteria/rules that apply to the Community Legacy Grant scheme.  We strongly advise you to read these before submitting an expression of interest. 

How decisions are made

We will take the following factors into account when assessing applications and making funding decisions:

  • The level of housing growth since October 2014.  Parish and towns that have seen substantial housing growth since October 2014 and have so far received little New Homes Bonus will be considered favourably.
  • Need for the project.
  • Inclusion in neighbourhood or town plans.
  • Level of community support.
  • Deliverability.
  • Anticipated community impact.
  • Amount of match funding.
  • Future sustainability of the project.
  • Amount of NHB already paid under our previous NHB scheme, including any unspent allocations.
  • Alignment with Wychavon's priorities and goals

Our Communities and Funding Advisory Panel will assess all full applications against the criteria set out in the pdf New Homes Bonus Protocol (2018-2022) (1.38 MB) and make recommendations to the Executive Board about each application.  All funding decisions will be made by the Executive Board. We expect to make decisions on the 2020 round of applications by June 2020.

Terms and conditions for all grant awards

Successful applicants will receive a grant offer letter and a set of terms and conditions, which together constitute their grant agreement. Read the document grant terms and conditions (113 KB) .