We are working in real Partnership with the following voluntary groups throughout Wychavon and the police to reduce crime, and the fear of crime, across our area.

  • Age Concern
  • Older People's Forums
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Victim Support

The Wychavon district is a low crime area. It is a safe place to live, work, play and visit. However crime does still occur and for those people who are unfortunate enough to become victims of crime, particularly burglary, the Safe and Sound Security Crime Prevention Scheme has been introduced.

Approved home security systems, which will be installed at no cost, are now available for victims and potential victims of crime, particularly burglary, and other vulnerable residents.

The criteria for acquiring home security systems are shown below. Property marking equipment is also available for anyone who wants to make it harder for the thief to steal and dispose of property.

Acquiring the home security system(s)

The general criteria for acquiring the home security system(s) is as follows;

  • Repeat Victimisation - Those vulnerable individuals who have been re-victimised or who are at risk of future victimisation having already been victimised.  
  • Distraction Burglary - Those vulnerable elderly individuals who have been subjected to bogus callers stealing or attempting to steal from their home.
  • Burglary - Those individuals who been subjected to offender(s) breaking in to their home with intent to steal, cause damage or assault anyone.
  • Potential Victimisation - Those vulnerable individuals who are at real risk of becoming victims of crime.
  • Fear of Crime - Those vulnerable individuals who have a real reason for fearing that a crime may be committed against them.
  • Hot Spots - Those individuals who reside in an area where crimes have been committed against others.

Security equipment available

Security equipment available includes:

  • Alarms fitted on a temporary basis and monitored 24 hours each day, seven days a week, 365 days each year.
  • Door Defender door locks
  • Door stops (alarmed if required)
  • Door alarms  
  • Door handle tremble alarms
  • Door intercom and spy hole systems
  • Window alarms
  • Passive infra red alarms that can be monitored out of residence via telephone  
  • Garden/Driveway alarms with monitor for indoors
  • Shed alarms
  • Property alarms
  • Car alarms with monitor for indoors
  • Personal attack alarms
  • Dusk to dawn 24-hour plug in time switch  
  • Dusk till dawn security lamp holder for light bulbs
  • Fence and wall spikes to deter unwanted intruders

We are continually adding to the equipment provided, and we can obtain individual security items where required.