Here is how just some of the current Wychavon community safety projects fit with the four South Worcestershire Community Safety Partnership strategic aims.

Reduce Crime

  • As well as our static CCTV equipment, we also have internal and external mobile equipment to be used in response to community concerns. Between 2004-2011 our CCTV equipment has been used at 160 locations in the district.

National Crime Network - Rural Crime survey

The National Rural Crime Network champions a better understanding of crime in rural areas, and new, effective ways to help to keep rural communities safer.

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Provide Reassurance

  • The Community Neighbourhood Warden Scheme has proved so popular that we have expanded the remit of the wardens to work with all residents across the whole of the district. 
  • Wychavon is a low crime area but for those residents who become victims, and those who are vulnerable, the Safe and Sound security scheme has been expanded. Even more free security equipment is now available. Between 2004 and 2011, 5719 security items have been given to 1719 residents as part of the scheme.

Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour and Disorder

  • The Anti-Social Behaviour Detached Team is a ground breaking, independent task force providing a rapid response to incidents of anti social behaviour involving young people. Funded by South Worcestershire Community Safety Partnership, the team is seen as a highly successful alternative to police action. On receipt of a report, members of the team will respond to the area concerned within 24 hours. They are there to help both the community and young people involved in the problem. Most young people involved in such incidents are not criminals. They simply need to be reminded of their responsibilities and then met half way. This is what the team does and so far the majority of young people involved have responded positively. Anti-social behaviour amongst young people, whether real or perceived, is a problem that no one agency can solve alone. However the detached Team is making massive inroads into helping decrease the number of anti-social behaviour reports involving young people and areas of Wychavon benefit greatly from the work they do. This work includes patrols of targeted hot spot areas, involvement in police operations, community events and youth sessions, parenting and consequences classes in local schools. We are using the anti social behaviour detached team in our three towns and our villages to provide a quick response to issues involving young people and anti social behaviour. Information and support is offered to those young people in an effort to stop their behaviour. 

  • The year ahead promises to be a lot more interesting for young people in Wychavon, particularly those living in our rural areas. For those young people we have the Wychavon Youth Bus which will give them somewhere to go and something to do even during the dark and miserable winter evenings. The idea behind the Youth Bus is to take it out to visit the young people in our more rural villages – the kind of place where public transport and social activities are limited. The Youth Bus is going to be a place where young people can hang out and have fun with their friends, play computer games, use the internet, listen to music, and get advice and guidance from a range of support agencies on issues affecting them. Basically the Youth Bus will be a place for them to have a great time with their mates and be safe off the streets.

  • Many young people have experienced bullying in some way. We have funded bullying and hate crime awareness through theatre in all high schools.

Reduce Harm Caused by Drugs and Alcohol

  • Much has been done to raise awareness of young people about healthy lifestyles. Young people attending our youth clubs and high schools have received drug education sessions through theatre, and at high schools a CD on lifestyle awareness, including the harmful effects of drug abuse, has been provided. Children at first year schools have received healthy lifestyle education including basic drug awareness sessions. Every young person at every school has received information on where drug education and advice can be found. To expand on this work, the Community Safety Partnership has produced a DVD on the harmful effects of binge drinking, that went out to our high schools.

  • The Community Safety Partnership is also funding drug and alcohol outreach work amongst young people.