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Current consultations

Proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (“PSPO”) across the Council’s riverside parks in Evesham

Wychavon District Council is consulting on a proposal to make a PSPO across the Council’s riverside parks in Evesham. 

The aim of the proposed PSPO is to target alcohol related anti-social behaviour across the parks by prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in these areas.  The PSPO will also prohibit urination and defecation.  The PSPO will provide both the police and the council with more powers to take action against any perpetrators.

The Council would like to hear your views on whether we should introduce the PSPO.  To assist this, we have created a short questionnaire which can be found in the links below.  You will also find an FAQ document which provides more information on what a PSPO is and what exactly the Council is proposing.  We have also included a draft of the proposed Order and plans showing the locations of the parks.  The consultation period will remain open until 5PM on 24th May 2018.

Click here to be forwarded to the full consultation page.


Boundary review - 2018

The Boundary Commission for England has published it's initial proposals for new constitency boundaries. Details of the consultation documents are available online at the Boundary Commissions website and at the Civic Centre in Pershore. The consultation is open from 13 September until 5 December. Any comments need to be made within that timeframe.


Proposed Amendments to Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Policies

Wychavon District Council is consulting on proposals to amend the Council’s policies on the licensing of hackney carriage and private hire vehicles. 

The first main proposal under consideration is to remove the upper age limit in respect of private hire vehicles that are constructed or adapted to carry a wheelchair user whilst they remain seated in their wheelchair. This proposal in being considered with a view to allowing such vehicles to be licensed for as long as they remain roadworthy and fit for purpose, recognising the costs involved in purchasing and maintaining such a vehicle.

The next main proposal under consideration is to amend both policies to require holders of licences to use an older vehicles (those over 7 years of age) as a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle to produce a recent MOT and present their vehicle for inspection by a licensing officer twice per year rather than just when applying for the licence to be granted or renewed. This proposal is being considered with a view to helping ensure that older vehicles are maintained appropriately and remain roadworthy throughout the licence period in the interests of promoting public safety.

Full details of consultation here >>


Recent consultations

Recent consultations, which are now closed, are listed below.  Click on a topic to find out more about the consultation, what the results were and what we have done as a result.


Future priorities consultation - closed autumn 2015

To help us with developing our new four year strategy, over the summer of 2015 we asked residents to answer a short survey about our future priorities - what they thought we should do more of and less of.  Nearly 1,000 residents responded to the consultation, giving us a snapshot of views rather than a representative sample. You can see a summary of the results here

We worked with MEL Research Ltd to run focus groups for us with residents during October. The focus groups delved deeper into views about creating prosperity, balancing the need for new homes with concerns about development, a clean and green Wychavon, what we can do to help improve health and support older people to lead healthy and independent lives. 

You can read MEL Research Ltd's report containing the results from both the survey and focus groups here.

We have used the results from the future priorities consultation to help us develop a new four year strategy for the council.


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