Councillor Allowance Claims 2018

Expenses payments made to individual Councillors.

A small amount of information has been edited out of the published information in relation to amounts claimed by individual Councillors.  This information is personal information of the Councillor, eg signature, car make and model, and is exempt from disclosure under Section 40(2) 'Personal Information' of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

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Councillor R C Adams                        
Councillor A Adams                        
Councillor G Beale                        
Councillor G Bearcroft                        
Councillor Mrs J Bolton    



Councillor B Brookes                        
Councillor J Bulman                        
Councillor A M G Darby                        
Councillor R Davis     View View                
Councillor N J Dowty                        
Councillor Mrs L R Duffy   View            


Councillor Mrs M English                        
Councillor Mrs E A Eyre     View View View View    


Councillor M Goodge                        
Councillor H C Hamilton     View                  
Councillor A I Hardman                        
Councillor Mrs S Harris     View                  
Councillor C Homer                        
Councillor M T King   View View View View View            
Councillor R Lasota                        
Councillor G Mackison                        
Councillor P Middlebrough                        
Councillor A P Miller                        
Councillor R J Morris   View   View                
Counillor R Murphy   View                    
Councillor T Noyes View View View    


Councillor G O'Donnell   View View   View      


Councillor R Raphael                        
Councillor Mrs L Robinson                        
Councillor Mrs A M Rowley                        
Councillor T Rowley   View View                  
Councillor Mrs J E Sandalls   View View View View View            
Councillor Mrs F Smith     View   View              
Councillor Mrs A Steel                        
Councillor Mrs E K Stokes                        
Councillor B A Thomas   View View View View View            
Councillor Mrs K L Tomalin                        
Councillor P Tomlinson   View   View View              
Councillor C G J Tucker                        
Councillor Mrs E B Tucker                        
Councillor D Wilkinson                        
Councillor Mrs V A Wood                        
Councillor K N Wright