Chairman of Wychavon District Council 2017/2018

At the Annual General Meeting of Wychavon District Council on 17 May 2017 Councillor Mrs Elizabeth Eyre was elected as Chairman of the Council for the ensuing year.

The Vice Chairman for Wychavon 2017/18 is Councillor Tony Rowley.



Chairman's Biography

My name is Liz Eyre. I am the District Councillor for Broadway and Wickhamford ward which includes Childswickham. Because of the number of residents this is a two councillor ward. I work alongside my colleague Councillor Bradley Thomas.


What got you into Politics and made you want to serve your community?

I first canvassed for the conservatives aged 8. I have always, as is typical of conservatives, wanted to add value within the community. Over the years I have tried to do so in many ways wherever I lived even when abroad. My husband has done the same but through different organizations. I campaigned on issues involving injustice, unfairness, ignorance of the “sense of place” even before becoming a Councillor.


I stood as a County Councillor initially because I was disappointed with the services for older people, my mum included, in the Wychavon area.  I knew the County Council provided the majority of these services. I have learnt a lot now about the challenges around the budget for older people. I see that the county's need to sustain what it does and the problems it has in being funded to only support a small but less able section of the community. I know much more now about the strategies for older people and the extent to which local authorities are struggling to provide a better service.


For 14 years I was the Cabinet Member responsible for Children’s Service in Worcestershire


I first stood as a District Councillor in 2007 partly because Doug, I and our dog Harvey love our life in the Broadway, Childswickham and Wickhamford area. I know that there are housing pressures that could change the look and ambiance of the area and Wychavon as a whole.  I wish to help the District evolve sustainably, to be a living working community respecting its heritage and culture. I understand the pressure around housing but they do not have to be relieved in a way that destroys our “sense of place”.


I have in addition been involved in my local schools as a Governor for Broadway First (10 years) and a friend to St Mary’s Roman Catholic School and treasurer to Broadway Youth Club (10 years) these roles have given me real satisfaction.


I have also been a Member of the Cotswold Conservation Board for 10 years. I have been its Chairman for 3. Working with others to conserve and manage the country’s third largest protected landscape is an honour.


What are the local issues you feel most strongly about?

  • All my electorate feeling they have a voice, are listened to and supported including young people.

  • Community cohesion – together we can all achieve so much more.

  • The real need for “things to do” “places to go” for all ages in the community - our parks, leisure centres, halls, clubs are all part of the offering.

  • Supporting the fantastic community volunteers – the “unsung heroes” in each community.

  • Supporting our armed forces.

  • Reducing social isolation.


What are you working on to improve for Broadway and Wickhamford?

  • only appropriate sustainable development for Broadway

  • improving support to businesses in Broadway, Childswickham and Wickhamford

  • support for our museums, social and sports clubs.

  • reducing social isolation.

  • a myriad of individual householder issues.


What’s your biggest success so far?

Locally initiating the Broadway Arts Festival as its first Chairman, presenting the business case for the Broadway Activity Park and actually delivering on this helping with the business case for Broadway Museum and Nomads Community bus and tenaciously fighting for our flood alleviation schemes – several projects are completed but the £4 million scheme has only just started. I hope all these outcomes have made a positive difference to residents.


What do you stand for/ what is your mission statement?

To ensure the collective voice of the residents in this lovely ward is heard and to ensure Wychavon evolves and improves in way that pleases the people of Wychavon. It is about listening to all, facilitating communications, acting in the best interests of the majority. 



The Chairman’s charities for the year align to four strategic themes:

• Support for mental health

• Physical health

• Heritage and culture.


Headway South Worcestershire

– is an independent charity directly supporting people affected by brain injury. Every year 1000 people in the County find themselves with a disability due to brain injury. They suffer life changing effects that pose obstacles to the simplest of daily tasks. Headway works with people to enable them to become part of the community again following their injury. Such an injury could happen so easily to any one of us.


Droitwich – Promotion of the Salt Heritage in Droitwich - its high grade food quality and its opportunity to link to healthy use of salt.


Pershore – A physical activity healthy eating promotional project at Riverside Youth Centre.


Broadway – It came to my notice that there are no walks in the area around Broadway which focus on the rich archaeology of the area. Funding in partnership an interpreted guided walk would encourage physical activity and make the important link between

the settlement, its settlement history and its surrounding. Formal research underlines the significant contribution that countryside does and can make to mental health. 


Do you know someone turning 100?

The Chairman of Wychavon would like congratulate residents who turn 100 locally by writing to them, in much the same way as the Queen does. If you know someone who is turning 100 please get in touch a month before their birthday and we'll arrange for a letter to be sent.

Please contact Karen Maslen on 01386 565201 or email

You can contact the Chairman's Office by post, telephone or email.