Empty homes 

Due to housing shortages, empty homes are a contributing factor to homelessness and the overcrowding of houses. Because of this issue, we are committed to bringing long-term empty homes back in to use to improve the standard of housing in the Wychavon district. 

We offer:

  • Free advice and information to you if you are a homeowner about selling, letting or renovating your property

  • Signposting to registered social landlords who may be interested in buying your empty property

  • An empty homes assistance of up to £15,000 if the property qualifies for essential works as deemed appropriate by the council

  • Free advertising of your property on the Home Choice Plus and Wychmove websites to the people on our housing register

  • Selling a long-term empty property will provide benefits for all concerned. The owner will benefit from a cash lump sum and reduced expenses. It will provide a housing opportunity for a family in need and give the community peace of mind.

Report an empty home

If you are a homeowner or a resident that lives near to an empty property in poor condition, it can become targets for vermin, fly-tipping, burglary, drug use and anti-social behaviour. A neglected property can also lead to damage and devaluation to adjoining properties.

There is a legitimate public interest in ensuring empty homes do not have an undue impact on the local community. Please inform us if you are aware of an empty property, in order for us to work with the homeowner.

Report an empty home



Enforcement action

Circumstances may require formal enforcement action to bring a property back into use if informal action hasn’t been effective.

This could include:

  • Dangerous and dilapidated buildings and drainage – Building Act 1984
  • Unsightly land and property – Town and Country Planning Act 1990
  • Premises prejudicial to health or a nuisance – Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Property improvements, empty dwelling management orders – Housing Act 2004
  • Rodents - Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949
  • Enforced sales
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders

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