Ex-Service Personnel

If you are planning to leave or have left the Armed Forces, it is reassuring to know that there is support from local and national organisations dedicated to securing you a better future.
This page is designed to help assist you with your resettlement needs and listed below is a range of local and national services that may be of help to you to get you started.
A leaflet of local contacts is available to download Ex-Servicemens Local Help & Information Leaflet

Ex-Service Personnel

Latest News

Worcestershire Armed Forces Community Covenant News Letter - June 2016

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Armed Forces Community Covenant

Community Covenant

On Friday 29th June 2012 the Armed Forces Community Covenant for Worcestershire was formally signed by the Worcestershire Partnership which includes Wychavon District Council.

The Armed Forces Community Covenant is a voluntary statement of mutual support between a civilian community and its local Armed Forces Community. It encourages support for the Armed Forces Community working and residing in Worcestershire and recognises and remembers the sacrifices made by members of this community, particularly those who have given the most. More information on the Armed Forces Community Covenant in Worcestershire is available on the Worcestershire Partnership website. 

The Minister of Defence have set up the Covenant Grant Scheme to fund local projects which strengthen the ties or the mutual understanding between members of the Armed Forces Community and the wider community in which they live.

View the short remembrance video 'We did our Bit'  courtesy of Worcestershire County Council. This film was funded through Armed Forces Covenant Grant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ohKrrcH5kw


Organisation Contacts
Civvy Street

Tel: 0800 0098015
Website :http://www.civvystreet.org/



Veterans First Point
Tel: 0131 220 9920


Organisation Information Contacts
Soldiers, Sailors,Airmen and Families Association Forces Help

SSAFA offers support to serving and ex service personnel and their families. They provide financial assistance, emotional
support and practical advice


Tel: 01905 21728 with answerphone
Website: http://www.ssafa.org.uk/

Joint Service Housing Advice Office
Housing advice for people leaving the
armed forces, veterans and dependants
of veterans or people leaving the armed forces.

Tel: 01252 787574
Email: aws-jshao-mailbox@mod.uk
Website: http://www.mod.uk/



SPACES helps single ex service personnel,
within 6 months of leaving the forces, find housing throughout the UK which can be temporary or permanent. If contacted
longer  than 6 months then will just give information and advice


Tel: 01748 833797 / 872940 / 830191
Email: spaces@echg.org.uk


Disabled veterans who need everyday help or adaptations to their home


Tel: 0808 1914218
Email: veterans.help@spva.gsi.gov.uk
Website: http://www.veterans-aid.net/

British Legion
Information and advice on care homes for elderly and disabled veterans

Tel: 0808 802 8080
Website: http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/

Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation Provides housing and support to vulnerable and disabled veterans and their dependants in England

Tel: 0207 3852110
Email: fundraising@oswaldstoll.org.uk

Veterans Aid Provide direct and help to vulnerable veterans with finding hostel accommodation

Tel: 0800 012 6867 / 0207 8282468
Email: info@veterans-aid.net
Web: http://www.veterans-aid.net/

Haig Homes

Provider of rental housing for ex-service people

Tel: 020 8685 5777
Email: enquiries@haighousing.org.uk
Web: http://www.haighousing.org.uk/



Organisation Information Contacts
Wychavon District Council For information regarding benefits or Council Tax liability/exemption etc please contact the Worcestershire Hub Tel: 03004 560 560
Web: http://www.wychavon.gov.uk
Citizens Advice Bureau Advice on benefits and concessions for the Armed Forces, veterans and their families Tel: 03444 111 444
Web: www.adviceguide.org.uk
SSAFA SSAFA offers support to serving and ex service personnel and their families. They provide financial assistance, emotional support and practical advice Tel: 01905 21728
Email: worcestershire@ssafa.org.uk
Web: www.ssafa.org.uk
ABF The Soldiers Charity Lifetime support to serving and retired soldiers and their families with financial assistance when they are in real need. Tel: 0207 901 8900
Email: info@soldierscharity.org
Web: http://www.soldierscharity.org/
Afghan Heroes


Charity dedicated to those directly involved in the conflict, the families of those who have fallen and returning service personnel who have witnessed those horrific losses

Email: info@afghanheroes.org.uk
The Forces Pension Society


Ensure that serving and retired members of the armed forces, their widows, widowers, surviving partners, civil partners and dependants receive the pension to which
they are entitled to

Tel: 02078 209988
Email: memsec@forpen.co.uk
Web: www.forpen.org
Help for Heroes


Money raised is used to support wounded servicemen and women of every colour and creed

Tel: 01752 562179
Web: www.helpforheroes.org.uk
Royal Blind


Provide services to the blind, visually impaired or multiply disabled people

Tel: 0131 2291456
Email: enquiries@royalblind.org


Information and news site for ex servicemen/women and serving military and their families.

Tel: 020 3206 070

The Veterans Agency


Ex Service Personnel who believe that they have an illness or disability that is the result of, or made worse by, military service should make a claim for a War
Pension once they have left the armed forces. The Veterans Agency does not refer claims to the Medical Assessment Programme (MAP), or advise or require them to attend in connection with their claim. If, however, a person claiming a war pension has already attended the Medical Assessment Programme, the Veterans Agency will ask  that person for their written permission to obtain the medical reports from their examination. MAP reports can often assist the Veterans Agency in making a decision.

Tel: 0800 169 2277
Web: http://www.veterans-uk.info/
Royal Naval Benevolent Society for officers To afford financial assistance when in need to officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and their respective Reserves, both active service and retired, and to their widows, ex wives and dependants. Tel: 02392 690112
Email: rnoc@arno.org.uk
Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund


To assist those of the Extended RAF family in distress resulting from sickness, disability, infirmity or poverty. Welfare assistance includes residential, convalescence and respite care help with housing and education, subsistence grants and help through other specialist charities.

Tel: 0800 1692942
Email: http://www.rafbf.org/


Organisation Information Contacts
Wychavon District Council Help finding local GP surgery or other health related organisations within Wychavon
Tel: 01386 565182

Web: http://www.wychavon.gov.uk/
NHS If you have health problems caused by your service in the armed forces, you should be able to get priority treatment from the NHS
Tel: 111
Web: http://www.nhs.uk/
Medical Assessment Programme The medical Assessment Programme provides general medical examinations for veterans of The Gulf War, Porton Down, War in Iraq from 2003 and the war in Afghanistan from 2001.
Tel: 0800 1695401
Email: map@gstt.nhs.uk
Web: www.mod.uk
Veterans and Reserves Mental Health Programme A dedicated mental health programme for any member of the Reserved Forces deployed since Jan 2003. Reservists can also find help through civilian NHS routes.



Tel: 0800 0326258
Email: dphe-dcmhol-vrmhp@mod.uk



SSAFA Provided by ex forces personnel to help address any bully or bullying issues you may be experiencing or have experienced while serving in the Navy, Army or Royal Air Force. Also contains useful links and information. Tel: 01905 21728
Veterans Hearing Fund and Hearing Support Information on how to get support or funding due to hearing loss from serving in the UK forces


Tel: 0333 455 9116
Facebook: www.facebook.com/veteranhearingsupport


Royal Navy Welfare


Naval Community Website with lots of helpful information and support.


Tel 01752 553740
Web: www.royalnavy.mod.uk/welfare

Combat Stress


Charity providing help and medical care for veterans with mental health problems.

Tel: 01372 587000
Email: contactus@combatstress.org


Help for veterans that have been injured to the extent of having to leave the armed forces.

Tel: 0800 1692277
Web: http://www.veterans-uk.info/


The British Limbless Ex-Servicemens Association (BLESMA)

Provides help and support such as counselling, advice and grants for people who have lost the use of a limb or an eye. Tel: 0208 5901124
Email: chadwellhealth@blesma.org
Web: http://www.blesma.org/
Lady Grovers Fund Offer cash grants towards nursing, hospital and home help for officers' families. Tel: 020 7808 4180
 Email: secretary@ladygrover.org.uk
Web: www.ladygrover.org.uk
Queen Alexandra Hospital Home


QAHH is currently the only hospital home south of London that offers specialist nursing care for ex- servicemen and women.

Tel: 01903 213458
Web: www.nhs.uk/Services/careproviders/

Career Advice

Organisation Information Contacts
Jobcentre Plus Jobcentre Plus services are available at Evesham, Pershore and Droitwich Community Contact Centres. Tel: 0345 604 3719
Web: www.gov.uk/contact-jobcentre-plus
Wychavon District Council


If you are thinking of starting up a new business in Wychavon then talk to our Economic Development Officer Jane Dobson.

Tel: 01386 565278
Web: http://www.wychavon.gov.uk/


Worcestershire Regulatory Services for Wychavon District Council

Thinking of starting a business but need information on licensing? Tel: 01905 822799

Volunteer Centres



Fancy becoming a volunteer? Then get in contact with one of the three volunteer centres in Wychavon.

Emails: info@eveshamvolunteers.org.uk

Tel: 01386 40165 (Evesham)
01386 554299 (Pershore)
01905 779115 (Droitwich)

Civvy Street


Help with education, retraining and job opportunities, as well as with practical matters like finance, housing and pensions.

Tel: 0800 1694073
Web: www.civvystreet.org
Learn Direct A government scheme to encourage people to learn new skills and improve existing schemes. Tel: 0800 101901
Web: www.learndirect.com
Career Transition Partnership


Help and Information about careers for personnel who are leaving or have already left the armed forces.

Web: www.ctp.org.uk
The Regular Forces Employer Association


The only Service charity with the exclusive role of helping ex-Service personnel find rewarding and sustainable jobs. A network of dedicated Emploment Consultants are based in offices throughout the UK and use their skills and experience to recognise and promote the skills pf ex Service personnel to a vast number of employers across the country. Now offered to reservists that have completed at least one operational tour.

Web: www.rfea.org.uk
Security Cleared Jobs


Security Cleared jobs is a uk based job board designed for individuals working across all industry sectors who have obtained security clearance or who meet the criteria for being granted security clearance.

Tel: 020 8166 0616
Web: www.securityclearedjobs.com

Widows Help & Support

Organisation Information Contacts
SSAFA SSAFA offers support to serving and ex service personnel and their families. They provide financial assistance, emotional support and practical advice. Tel: Worcestershire Branch - 01905 21728
War Widow Association


A pressure group that exists to improve the conditions of War Widows and their families. Petitioning for improvement in pensions, the administration of benefits and other issues.

Web: www.warwidows.org.uk
Email: info@warwidowsassociation.org.uk
Army Widows Association Offer comfort, support and friendship to the widows and widowers of service men and women. Tel: 0300 666 0136
National Widows Association


Offers support, friendship and understanding to men and women who have lost their partners through bereavement.

Web: http://www.nawidows.org.uk/
Email: info@nawidows.org.uk

General Help and Support

Organisation Information Contacts
The Officers Association


Supports retired officers, retired officers and their families seeking employment, advice, assistance and accommodation.

Tel: 0117 906 3580
Web: www.officersassociation.org.uk
Ex Armed Forces Club


Master the mental changes you need to transition from the Armed Forces by talking to others on this social network site.

Web: www.facebook.com
Veterans Welfare Service Free helpline for veterans and their families and online advice. Email: veterans.help@spva.gsi.gov.uk
Web: www.veterans-uk.info
National Ex Services Association


The National Ex Services Association Directories are listings of helpful organisations which may be of use to ex service men and women and/or their families.

Email: enquiries@nesa.org.uk
Web: www.spiritofremembrance.com


At Ease Counselling and advice work, legal advice, human rights issues. Free service for members of the armed forces, including reservists and their families. Email: info@atease.org.uk
Web: www.atease.org.uk/
League of Remembrance


To provide companionship, financial assistance and support to dependants and retired members of the armed forces and retired nurses.

Tel: 020 7881 0987
Not Forgotten Association


To act generally for the benefit of disabled and wounded service and ex-service personnel. Provide TV sets for those whose mobility is restricted, licences provided where financial need arises, group holidays which include outings, subsidised holidays, day outings, in-house entertainment and concerts in ex-service care homes.

Tel: 020 7730 2400
Web: http://www.nfassociation.org/
Royal British Legion


Uniting men and women who have served or are serving in HM Forces, raising funds to assist ex servicemen and women and their dependants who find themselves in difficulties. Welfare and benevolence, providing grants, assisting pension claimants, giving careers advice, providing residential and convalescent care, small advocacy service and loan scheme for ex-servicemen and women.

Tel: 0808 802 8080
Veterans Lapel Badge


All personnel who have served in the HM Armed Forces qualify for a Veterans Lapel Badge. Regular Service personnel and Non-Regular Permanent Staff (TA) leaving the Armed Forces should now be issued their Veterans Lapel Badge at the time they receive the Service Leaver's Pack. To apply for your Lapel Badge visit the Veteran's UK Website.




Tel: 0808 1914218 (uk only)
+44 1253 866043 (from overseas)
Web: www.gov.uk/apply-medal-or-veterans-badge/apply-for-a-veterans-badge

SSAFA Forces Help


SSAFA offers support to serving and ex service personnel and their families. They provide financial assistance, emotional support and practical advice.

 Tel: Worcestershire Branch - 01905 21728
Email: worcestershire@ssafa.org.uk
Web: www.ssafa.org.uk


Organisation Information Contacts
Wychavon Leisure Community Association Ltd Wychavon Leisure run three leisure centres within Wychavon. Contact each leisure centre for information regarding discounts for Armed Forces. Tel: Evesham - 01386 444212
Pershore - 01386 552346
Droitwich - 01905 771212



For more information please contact

Tracy Grubb
Community Development Officer
Tel: 01386 565168