Council Tax Support - Exceptional Hardship Fund


Who can apply to the Exceptional Hardship Fund?


Working age residents who are currently receiving Council Tax Support but have to pay some Council Tax and are experiencing exceptional hardship can ask for help from the Exceptional Hardship Fund (EHF).


The main features of the fund are that:

  • The payments are discretionary.
  • Residents do not have a statutory right to a payment.
  • Payments will normally be restricted to 50% of any Council Tax due.
  • Applicants should normally be receiving Council Tax Support at the time the application is made, however each application will be considered on it's own merit
  • Any award will be paid directly to the relevant Council Tax account for the current year.
  • Any payment is to help with exceptional hardship and is time limited.

We will treat each case on it's own merits and all residents will be treated fairly and equally in relation to accessibility to the EHF and also the decision making process.


How to access the Exceptional Hardship Fund


You can request being considered for the Exceptional Hardship Fund by e-mailing or by writing to Vic Allison, Deputy Managing Director, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Pershore, WR10 1PT.


Following the initial request, we may ask you to complete a form and to provide additional information to support your claim. In order to decide whether or not we can assist you from the EHF we need to know as much as possible about your situation. This includes why you have difficulty paying your Council Tax, what you have done to improve the situation, what stops you finding a solution yourself and how the problem is affecting you and your family.


We will determine the amount and duration of any award based on the evidence you supply and your individual circumstances.


Exceptional Hardship Fund awards are only made for a limited one off period and so should not be regarded as a long-term solution.


If your request is successful, we will notify you about how much you have been awarded and how long your award lasts. We aim to notify you of our decision within 28 days of receiving your form. The amount awarded will depend on your circumstances and the reason it has been awarded.


If your request is not successful we will write and tell you and explain why. As an EHF award is not a payment of Council Tax Support, and are therefore not subject to the statutory appeal process. There is a separate right to appeal against the amount liable under section 16(1) of LGFA 1992 to the Valuation Tribunal.


If an EHF award is made you are required to notify us of any changes in circumstance, which may be relevant to you continuing to get an EHF award.


We can stop making an EHF award, and recover any awards already paid, if we decide that payment has been made because information you gave was incorrect or incomplete or an error was made when the claim was decided.


Further Information


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