Fruitful  and Creative Learning in Pershore

After months of creative work and thinking the latest design for the Pershore Library large canvas’s are up. It started with a seed of an idea from Bridget Lloyd from Malvern Theatre’s and with the support of Wychavon District Council and Pershore Town Council the work is now available to see. Bridget wanted to work collaboratively with more than one group from Pershore, so she decided to work with Pershore High, Abbey Park Middle School and Pershore Resource Centre, a place for severely physically and mentally disabled adults.

The creative group of year 9 students at Pershore High School did the preliminary 'cartoon' for the finished piece. The pupils at Abbey Park Middle School then rose to the challenge of executing the painting on the finished canvases. The decorative paper that was created by the adult learners at Pershore Resource Centre appears in the collage baskets. So with fruitful learning, baskets of knowledge the canvases blossomed.
In the artwork you will find plum trees blossoming productively, a healthy harvest being gathered. There is also lots of symbolism here:

• the children are gathering an abundant harvest, and also of friendship and sharing the knowledge that they have gleaned from their local education;
• the couple sitting back to back signify the importance of reading 
• the figure to the right of the picture is `climbing the ladder`

In the branches of the trees we have various logos and images pertinent to Pershore:
The Abbey, Number 8, Rivers Fitness Centre, Pershore High School and Abbey Park Middle School. 

I would like to acknowledge all of the hard work that Bridget Lloyd, artist, put in and all of the other artists. I would also like to thank Edward Turfey at Pershore High School, Phil Cotton at Abbey Park Middle School and Pershore Resource Centre for helping to organise the project and inspire the students to participate. Also, I would like to thank Pershore Town Council for allowing us to use the large canvas’s and creating such a unique opportunity. 

Jenny Davis, Arts Development Officer, Wychavon District Council