Deal with garden waste

To nab yourself a garden waste bin click here today and get some peace and quiet.

For just £48 (paid via Direct Debit) you can take advantage of our popular garden waste service.

For residents who want garden waste dealt with quickly and easily in a 240 litre brown wheelie bin, collected every fortnight, all year round. And you can rest assured you're still doing your bit for the environment because it's all composted centrally.

But what can I put in?

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Grass cuttings Kitchen waste  (veg peelings, tea bags and eggshells)
Hedge and shrub clippings  Dog / cat waste
Leaves, twigs and bark Plastic bags, pots or trays
Plants and weeds Soil, stones, turf, bricks or rubble
Cut flowers Branches or tree stumps over 4 inches (7.5cm) in diameter
Windfall fruit (small quantities only)  


Sound good?

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Please note: There are certain geographical limitations.