Wychavon Village of Culture 2019

Guidance Notes


1.0 Introduction

1.1 This guidance has been produced by the Community Development Team at         Wychavon District Council. It is intended to help villages in their quest to be awarded Wychavon Village of Culture 2019.

1.2 The guidance sets out the overall aims of Wychavon’s Village of Culture, the bidding process and associated timescales.


2.0 Aims and Objectives

2.1 The overall aim of the Wychavon Village of Culture 2019 competition is to encourage the use of culture as a catalyst of change. Bidding areas need to spell out their own vision for Wychavon’s Village of Culture and how they will utilise £5,000 to make a lasting difference in their community. In addition, two areas will also receive a highly commended place and receive £1,000 each.

2.2 The successful Village of Culture 2019 will need to:

  • Deliver a high quality cultural programme that builds and expands on local strengths/assets and reaches a wide variety of audiences over the course of the year;
  • Deliver a programme that uses culture to lead to lasting social impact through engagement, widening participation and supporting cultural diversity and cohesion;
  • Create a legacy and contribute to the Health and Wellbeing in the area.

2.3 Wychavon District Council is therefore seeking bids that:

  • Are distinctive – building on what the area has to offer and its existing assets;
  • Are ambitious and stretching – leading to a step change in the area;
  • Include and work with broad partnerships involving local clubs and organisations;
  • Reach out to a wide range of audiences and participants – especially under-represented groups;  
  • Are realistic, deliverable and contribute to the Health and Wellbeing of the area.

3.0 What do we mean by culture?

3.1 Culture is generally taken to include the following areas: arts (including visual arts, literature, music, theatre and dance), architecture, crafts, creative industries, design, heritage, historic environment, museums and galleries, libraries, archives, film, broadcasting and media included in bids and cultural programmes.  In addition, this also includes sports activities and science.

3.2 However, we are not being prescriptive about what constitutes culture and it will be up to you to make the case for which activities will and will not be included in your proposed cultural programme.

4.0 Which areas can bid?

4.1 The Village must be located in the Wychavon District Council area.

4.2 Wychavon will have a flexible approach to agreeing which areas can bid. What matters is the ability for the bidding area to be able to deliver a programme of cultural activity during 2019 that can lead to a lasting legacy in the chosen area. There must be a clear central focus to the area but we will accept bids from ‘clustered villages/hamlets’.

However, the location that is bidding should have a clear identity for residents and visitors: a village and its hinterland; or a closely linked set of settlements (e.g. a bid from the Lenches could include the settlements of Rous Lench, Abbots Lench, Atch Lench and Church Lench). There is no predetermined minimum size of population for a bidding area.

5.0 Who can apply?

5.1 The bidding process is open to Parish Councils and/or not-for-profit Community Groups that are working in partnership with the Parish Council(s).

5.2 Applicants must have a community organisation bank/building society account, (payments cannot be made to private bank accounts).

6.0 What is the purpose of the bidding process?

6.1 The bidding process should lead to the selection of an area that has an ambitious vision for what it will achieve in the year and thereafter; but also one that has credible and realistic plans to be able to deliver on this vision.

6.2 The bidding process itself brings wider benefits. Although only one area will be selected for 2019, the bidding process will foster the development of ideas and partnerships that can and often will carry on irrespective of the award.  

6.3 There will be publicity associated with the bidding process. All bidders will be listed on the Wychavon District Council website and Wychavon will be issuing press releases on who has decided to bid for stage 1 and the final selection process.

7.0 How do we bid for Wychavon Village of culture 2019?

7.1 The formal bidding process will have two main stages:

1. An ‘Expression of Interest’ form must be submitted by 21st September 2018. All outline proposals will be reviewed, by representatives chosen from the Localism and Rural Advisory Panel, and the Top 3 scorers selected.

2. The shortlisted top 3 will then be provided with feedback and invited to submit a Full and Final Bid by the 9th November 2018.

7.2 Bidders need to be prepared to be asked a series of clarification questions on their bids. This will be done by e-mail/telephone after the closing date(s). The answers to these questions will be treated as part of the bid for purposes of assessment.

7.3 Finally, shortlisted bidders may be invited to deliver a presentation on the case for their bid to the Judging Panel in November 2018.


8.0 How will the bids be assessed?

8.1 The initial assessment will be carried out from members of the Localism and Rural Advisory Panel of the Council, who form the judging panel.

8.2 The assessors will provide recommendations to the Executive Board of the Council to review at the final assessment stage.

9.0 Process and Timescales


Bid Process

Requirements from Bidders

July 2018

Bidding ‘expression of Interest’ forms and guidance notes available from the 23th July.

Start formulating plans and talking to partners. Organise a steering group

September 2018

Respond to clarification queries.

Expressions of Interest to be submitted by 21st September.

October 2018

Forms reviewed and the top 3 selected by the Localism and Rural Advisory Panel. 
Feedback to all entries.

Top 3 opportunities to review and amend bids before final bid submission.

November 2018

Final Bids reviewed by the Executive Board and places awarded.

Final bids submitted by 9th November

December 2018 winning bid and places announced


If you have any questions please contact Mark Williams
E: mark.williams@wychavon.gov.uk T: 01386 565229