Applying For Housing Benefit



From 1st April 2016 the minimum wage for over 25’s is increasing from £6.70 an hour to £7.20 an hour. This may affect the amount of Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support you receive from us.


If you are affected by this change, please ensure that you tell us immediately and provide proof of your increased pay as soon as you receive it. If you do not tell us about this change, you may be overpaid Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support which you will have to pay back.


For more information about the minimum wage, please visit

Housing benefit provides help towards the cost of accommodation.

If you live in rented accommodation you may qualify for this help if you:

Your landlord might be a Housing Association or a private landlord. You may rent a whole house or just a room.

The amount of help will depend on your income, personal and family circumstances. We will ignore any income you may get from war pensions or widows pensions.

You can get an estimate of your housing benefit using our online Benefits Calculator. You can apply for housing benefit by downloading and completing the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Application Form.  Alternatively you can get a form at any of our contact centres in DroitwichEvesham and Pershore or contact us and we will send one out to you.

If you are already receiving housing benefit or council tax support but the benefit payment amount does not cover your total rent/council tax bill, then you can apply for an additional Discretionary Housing Payment.

For details of other benefits to which you may be entitled, visit the Department for Work and Pensions website or the Citizens Advice Bureau Advice guide website. You can also find what the rates of benefit are by visiting the Rightsnet website.

Paying your Housing Benefit

The safest and easiest way to receive your benefit is to have it paid straight into your bank or building society account as it avoids the risk of cheques being stolen or delayed in the post.

We cannot pay your benefit by cheque, if you do not have a bank account please see our leaflet about basic bank accounts.