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Community-led housing schemes are increasingly being recognised as a way to provide affordable housing to meet local needs by putting communities at the heart of decision making.

Building these homes does not mean spoiling vast areas of beautiful countryside, it means building homes that will provide a long-term positive social impact. Working with local communities to make sensible, informed decisions about what needs to be built and where – and finding the right sites on which to do so.

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Community-led housing can be developed in various ways. Kim Barton our Community Led Housing Enabler has been working closely with the developers of a new and exciting Cohousing scheme in Bradley Green to form the Lion & Lamb Cohousing Group.

What is Cohousing? House and Keys

In a time when social isolation is on the increase, cohousing offers the neighbourly support of the past. You know your neighbours, look out for each other and you choose as much privacy or as much socialising as you want.

The Lion & Lamb Cohousing scheme will be located in Bradley Green, set in 1.85 acres of beautiful Worcestershire Countryside. It offers like-minded over 60s the opportunity to live in a private self-contained property with your own front door, but at the same time be a part of a caring sharing community in a rural setting.

As a member of the Lion & Lamb Cohousing Group, you will decide collectively how your community will develop and how your shared facilities can be used. Facilities may consist of a shared lounge facility for socialising and events, office, library, outside recreational space for growing flowers and vegetables or other outdoor pursuits. Additional facilities can be considered which the group can develop prior to completion or progress once the group has moved in.

Lion and Lamb cohousing








Your home

The development consists of individually designed properties which are a mix of bungalows and apartments:

bed units



Floor areas ranging from 710 sqft to 952 sqft.

There is an opportunity for purchasers to tweak the layout of their home and have a significant input over the specification of the kitchen, shower room(s)/bathroom(s) and decoration.


We are looking for members now to join the Lion & Lamb Cohousing Group

To find out more about this new development and learn how you can become part of the Lion and Lamb Cohousing Group visit Lion & Lamb Cohousing Group for more information.

Alternatively, please contact Bruce Lomax on 01386 565352 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.