Are you about to become homeless and in need of help?

The Housing Team can advise you about your rights and try to help prevent you from becoming homeless.

If you are at risk of homelessness within 56 days, please use the Jigsaw online form to make a homelessness application or browse the information below for advice.

Use the links below to find the information you need:

My relationship with the people I live with has broken down

A Housing Needs Advisor can give you advice around your rights. We can also advocate on your behalf with friends or family to try and arrange a suitable solution to keep you in your home. We can also refer you to more specialist support as a household which may include counselling to help you resolve and mitigate against any future problems. Family and friends are a vital support system and we will do all we can to help you sustain those relationships for the future.

I am renting from a private landlord and have been served a notice to quit

A Housing Needs Advisor can check your notice to make sure it is legally compliant and explain the contents if you are not sure. We will also negotiate with your landlord to try and rescue your tenancy wherever possible. We will also outline your options for alternative accommodation which may include other Private Rented Sector Accommodation or rented accommodation through Wychmove: our social lettings agency service. Learn more about Wychmove

Citizens Advice and Shelter also have lots of helpful online tools to make you aware of your rights.

I am a young person and my parents have asked me to leave

Young people who are at risk of homelessness will sometimes have different options to people who are slightly older because they often have not held their own tenancy before. A Housing Needs Advisor and Young Persons Pathway Worker will work with you and your parents to try and mediate and keep you in your accommodation.

The Housing Team work closely with other partners to provide specialised advice to young people on their options and access the appropriate support. Some of these may include; the YMCA or Social Services.

I am renting my home but it is not fit to live in due to disrepair

If your property is in disrepair this can be very distressing and our initial advice would be that you try to report this to your landlord so they can complete the repairs. If the landlord fails to make the property habitable, the Private Sector Housing Team will work with you and your landlord to assess the property and work to get this repaired to an appropriate standard.

To contact the Private Rented Sector Housing Team, please call 01386565000 and press Option 4 to be directed to a member of the team.

I have mortgage arrears and I'm at risk of losing my house

Mortgage arrears are considered on a case by case basis. Housing Needs Advisors will support you to seek financial advice from our Financial Inclusion as well as specialist legal advice where appropriate.
Citizens Advice can also advise on mortgage arrears. They operate drop in services in Malvern, Evesham and Droitwich.

I have rent arrears and am at risk of losing my home

The Housing Options Team can give you personal advice and refer you to other agencies who may be able to help. They may also be able to assist you to apply for benefits or may be able to speak to your landlord to help prevent you from becoming homeless.

If you cannot pay your rent, you have missed rent payments or you are worried that your payments are not being made, sort things out as soon as you can. Even if you have other debts, make sure you deal with your rent arrears first.

Things to do to help you get back on track

Make a list of all your debts and identify the most important that you need to tackle first such as your rent, council tax, gas, water and electricity charges.

Write down all your income and expenses and work out a personal household budget to help you decide how much you can afford to pay to each of the people you owe money to.

Consider seeking advice from a debt advice agency such as National Debtline or Stepchange. You can also organise an appointment with our Financial Inclusion Officer who can support you with localised advice.

View National Debtline website

View Stepchange website

Most importantly, talk to your landlord - try to reach an agreement about paying off the arrears, but do not agree to pay more than you can afford.

I have received a summons calling me to court about a housing matter

It is very important that you attend court in order to make the judge fully aware of your personal circumstances. Housing Advisors can support you to understand what might happen in court and what your options are.

My home is no longer suitable because of an illness or disability

If you are a Housing Association Tenant, you should contact your Housing Officer at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss transfer opportunities or possible adaptations to your home.

If you own your own home or rent a property private, please contact Adult Social Care at Worcestershire County Council.