In Wychavon we welcome refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine and will do what we can, working with our partners, to support them.

У Wychavon ми вітаємо біженців, які тікають від конфлікту в Україні, і робимо все можливе, працюючи з нашими партнерами, щоб підтримати їх.

The information on this page is for sponsors or people considering sponsoring someone under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. It explains more about the process and what is expected of people offering to host people in their home.

Інформація на цій сторінці призначена для спонсорів або людей, які планують спонсорувати когось за схемою «Дім для України» ; пояснює процес і те, що очікується від людей, які пропонують приймати людей у ​​своєму домі.

If you are a Ukrainian guest looking for information about Wychavon, or a sponsor looking for information about the local area to help your guest(s) then please read our Homes for Ukraine Welcome to Wychavon guide (English) or Ласкаво просимо до довідника Wychavon – “Дім для України”.

Якщо ви український гість, який шукає інформацію про Wychavon, або спонсор, який шукає інформацію про місцевість, щоб допомогти своїм гостям, тоді будь ласка, ознайомтеся з нашим Ласкаво просимо до довідника Wychavon – “Дім для України”.

 Use the links below to find the information you need:

Registering as a sponsor

To become a recognised sponsor, and to qualify for any payments and support, you must register on the Homes for Ukraine website, managed and run by the UK government. You must be prepared:
• to be security checked
• for all members of your household to have their criminal record checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
• for your accommodation to meet basic minimum criteria
• to be able to host for a minimum of six months

Additionally, you should give careful thought to your ability:
• to provide a safe environment
• to cope with young people and children, if offering to host families
• to host people who have suffered hardship and trauma

You should also consider if the location of your accommodation is suitable in terms of easy access to services, for example, public transport, schools and shops.

The UK government has published more information for sponsors.

Read guidance for Home for Ukraine sponsors on (opens in new window)
Read Answers to frequently asked questions about the Homes for Ukraine scheme (opens in new window).

Finding someone to sponsor

Once you have registered on the Homes for Ukraine site you can either:

You can also read frequently asked questions on linking with a Ukrainian refugee on (opens new window).

Applying for a visa

Once you have identified and contacted a Ukrainian person or family that you wish to host, you or the Ukrainian person must apply for a visa.

A separate form must be completed for everyone who wishes to be sponsored and is intending to travel. You can fill in the form together.

You can apply for a visa on the government’s website (opens new window) which also contains some additional guidance.

Travel to the UK

There is no formal support for organising travel to the UK and we are unable to help with this.

Travel in the UK

Many travel operators are providing free travel within the UK. Please check with local operators to find out what they are offering.

Free train travel

Ukrainian arrivals who have entered the UK will be able to travel free of charge on the national rail network by showing their Ukrainian passport and a boarding pass or ticket showing arrival into the UK.

They will have 48 hours from arrival in the UK to complete their journey.

The scheme applies to all train operators in Britain, and many bus and coach operators are also offering free onward travel to final destinations.

Read more about free train travel for Ukrainians on the National Rail Enquiries website (opens new window).

Free coach travel

National Express is offering free travel for Ukrainian arrivals who arrive in the UK to travel to a destination of their choice.

Free travel can be arranged from a UK arrival point to another location currently served on the National Express network.

Individuals are encouraged to contact National Express in advance to guarantee their journey but they will also accept turn up and go travel (subject to availability).

Individuals will have 48 hours to make their onward journey from arrival in the country.

Read more about free coach travel on the National Express website (opens in new window).

Free Worcestershire bus pass

Free bus passes are being issued by Worcestershire County Council for Ukrainian guests to travel throughout the county. These last for three months.

Once it has been confirmed your guest has arrived a request to issue a bus pass will be automatically generated and sent to you by post. It may take a couple of weeks for this to come through. If you have any queries regarding free Worcestershire bus passes please contact Here 2 Help.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

Once you are matched with a Ukraine citizen or family, and the visa application is completed, the Home Office passes your information to Worcestershire County Council.

Worcestershire County Council will then arrange with you for a DBS check to be carried out. They will contact you directly about this.

Once you have received your physical DBS certificate, you will be asked by Worcestershire County Council to take this to a library to have it validated. Please note, until you have had your DBS certificate validated, we cannot issue your £350 thank you payment.

If you are unable to get to a library then in some cases you may be able to post your certificate to the county council to be validated.

Household and basic checks

We are proud of the way our residents have stepped up to offer support to those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

There are some basic checks we need to carry out though before your guest can arrive to make sure the accommodation is suitable.

When we receive information you are registered as a host, our housing team will be in touch with you to arrange a check of your accommodation. In some cases, we are receiving this information before visas are issued so we may contact you before you have heard back from the Home Office or your guests.

Accommodation checks do not need to be completed before a visa is issued so in some cases your guest may have already arrived before checks are carried out.

Our team will assess whether or not the accommodation you intend to provide is suitable for the person or people you are hosting.

One of the main things they will be looking for is whether or not there is sufficient space for the number of people you wish to accommodate.

Two people should not be in one room unless they are:

  • adult cohabiting partners
  • a parent and child
  • two siblings of the same gender if aged over 10
  • two siblings regardless of gender if aged under 10

Individuals who didn’t previously know each other should not be given the same room.

Some other things our team will be looking for include:

  • Whether smoke alarms are installed on all levels
  • If the gas boiler has been serviced within the last 12 months (if applicable).
  • The installation of a carbon monoxide alarm if there is an open fire or solid fuel burner in the property
  • The size of the room or rooms for the number of people being accommodated
  • The condition of electrical sockets and electrical installations. If you are hosting a Ukrainian Guest in your own home, we will not expect to see an electrical safety certificate for fixed electrical systems, but we will for guests hosted in privately rented properties, in line with current regulations.
  • Adequate heating, lighting and ventilation for rooms proposed to be used for sleeping and habitation
  • The general condition of the property and any disrepair that would potentially lead to accidents or mean the property is not suited for some people. For example a first floor low window without a restrictor could result in a toddler falling and being injured.
  • Garages, garden rooms and such not converted for habitation will not be allowed to be used as such.

We will not be expecting or requiring properties to meet current building regulations in all regards but take a reasonable approach bearing in mind typical property conditions.

If we find any issues, we will let you know and give you an opportunity to fix them before your guest arrives.

Our staff will of course help to reassure you about any worries you might have and will talk to you about, for example, your own support network, your community and any rules/boundaries you might wish to set in advance.

Once you have told us your guest(s) have arrived our team will also need to carry out a basic welfare check on them to make sure all their needs are being met and if there is any other support they need such as health or care needs.

We have provided a list of other things for you to consider about your accommodation, that our team may not necessarily be checking.

Financial support for you

In line with Government guidance for the Homes for Ukraine scheme, sponsors will be paid a monthly ‘thank you’ payment. The payment is optional so you do not have to claim it.

For the first six months you host a guest in your home you will be paid £350 a month. Worcestershire councils have agreed from months 7 to 12 payments will increase to £600 a month, to recognise the longer-term contribution hosts are making to support our Ukrainian guests.

If you continue to host your guest for a second year, you will be paid £500 a month. Worcestershire councils are currently discussing whether or not this will be topped up. More information will be shared with hosts when available.

If you were hosting a Ukrainian guest during the first week of December 2022, you should have been provided with a one-off payment of £200 in recognition of winter cost pressures.

If you do decide to claim the monthly 'thank you' payments, then the first payment will be made a month after your guest’s arrival date, as long as:

  • Your property check having been completed and passed
  • Your original DBS certificate having been returned and verified in person or by post by Worcestershire County Council
  • The completed, signed and dated sponsor declaration below having been returned to Wychavon District Council

The payment will not affect any benefits you are receiving or any Council Tax discount you are claiming.

To claim the payment you will need to fill in your details on a form sent to you via email, when your accommodation check is confirmed. You will also be required to physically complete and sign a declaration. Please note electronic signatures will not be accepted.

The money will be paid by bank transfer each month and is paid in arrears. The payment process starts once you let us know your guest(s) has arrived and we have confirmation that all your checks have been passed.

We will carry out regular checks to make sure your guests are still staying with you and you must inform us as soon as they leave so that we can stop your payments.

We reserve the right to reclaim money from anyone who fails to tell us their guest(s) have left their accommodation and continues to claim the monthly payment.

How you can help your guest(s)

As well as making sure your guest(s) basic needs are met and helping them adjust to life in the area, there are three important things we would ask you to do as soon as possible, ideally within the first 72 hours of their arrival. They are:

  • Register them with a GP (and a dentist if possible)
  • Set them up a bank account
  • Help them make their Universal Credit application

Setting them up with a bank account will be a really important part of them settling into life in the UK.

Several banks are already sharing information on how Ukrainian guests can access a basic bank account, including if they are missing specific documents usually required. Worcestershire County Council has also made an arrangement with Lloyds TSB, used for the Syrian and Afghan settlement schemes, and assistance with this can be requested through the Worcestershire Here 2 Help service.

Mental health support for your guest(s)

If you find your guests are very traumatised and need support then you should contact the GP you have registered them with. This will enable them to access local mental health services.

Worcestershire County Council is working with local mental health services and we hope to receive more information about local support soon.

Your guests can also contact the free Barnardo's helpline. Ukrainian and Russian translation is available through this helpline.

Barnardo's helpline for anyone fleeing the Ukrainian conflict (opens in new window).

If you need support helping your guest(s)

There is a range of support on offer for your guest(s) which they can access directly or you can use to help them.

Worcestershire Here 2 Help

The Worcestershire Here 2 Help service is being run by Worcestershire County Council. It can help your guest(s) access food, medicines and offer other support such as help setting up a bank account.

You can request help using the online form or by calling the number on the website.

Visit the Worcestershire Here 2 Help website (opens new window).

Worcestershire County Council will also be responsible for:

  • Arranging a school place for any school age children your guest(s) have with them
  • Arranging English lessons for your guest(s)

If you have any questions about this you can contact the Here 2 Help service.

South Worcestershire Citizens Advice

South Worcestershire Citizens Advice can offer help and support on a range of topics including accessing benefits, money advice, housing, employment, community and home support, social care and immigration issues. If they cannot help you then they will refer you to someone who can.

If your guest(s) speak good English, or you can help translate for them, then  call the advice line on 0808 278 7891.

If translation is an issue then please email them first of all on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Useful phrases

You can download a Ukrainian phrasebook and dictionary (opens new window) to help you communicate with your guest(s).

Welcome to Wychavon guide

We have produced some basic information your guest(s) may find useful to help them adjust to life in Wychavon.

It is available online only at the moment, but we hope to produce some printed information shortly we can give to sponsors to give to guests on their arrival.

Read the Welcome to Wychavon guide for Ukrainians arriving in our district.

Other frequently asked questions

These are answers to some of the questions we are being asked the most. We will update this list as we get more information.

You can also read the Government’s Homes for Ukraine Frequently Asked Questions on (opens new window).

Can I charge rent?

You cannot charge rent as part of the scheme. You can ask for a reasonable contribution towards general household expenses (gas and electric, broadband, etc.) should you wish. The Government has not defined what a reasonable contribution is. You should take into account the circumstances of the person or people you are hosting. A guest can raise this with us if they feel they are being asked to pay an unreasonable amount.

Your guest(s) will be given an initial £200 payment to help them through until their benefit claim is processed or they find work should they be in a position to do so.

When they first arrive you are asked to provide basic needs, such as toiletries, but you are not expected to provide food and other essentials.

If your guest requires help accessing food, medicines and other essentials then they should contact the Worcestershire Here 2 Help service.

What happens if my guest arrives and they wish to move out or I no longer want to be part of the scheme?

If you find that the demands of looking after your refugee or refugee family are too much for you, or you wish them to leave your property for another reason, then you should contact our Housing team.

We will discuss the situation with both of you and try to come to an agreement. If that fails then your refugee or refugee family will be considered homeless and our Housing team will step in to offer support and alternative accommodation if possible.

While the scheme expects you to host for a minimum of six months, your guest(s) are under no obligation to remain in your household indefinitely. They are free to work and access benefits while living in the UK and may wish to use this income to rent privately once they have settled in.

If they wish to do this then a guide to renting in the UK on GOV.UK (opens new window) is available to support them.

They are also eligible to register for social housing and we will be writing to you and your guest(s) early on during their stay with more information on how they go about this.

Will guests have had Covid vaccines/do we need to sign them up?

We believe Covid vaccination rates in Ukraine are lower than in the UK (data sources suggest between 35%-50% have had one dose).

Guests do not have to be vaccinated to come to the country but are able to access free vaccination on the NHS, in line with residents in England. If they have had no vaccinations to date, they can simply attend one of the local clinics.

If they had received one or more doses in Ukraine, they should speak to a GP beforehand as the vaccine they have received may be different to those used in the UK.

You can also pdf download the Covid-19 vaccine information guide in Ukrainian (opens new window) (429 KB) to offer your guest(s) more information.