How to comment on a planning application

We welcome comments on planning applications, whether in support of or in objection to it. The submission of your comments will be viewable on line and open to public inspection, however your e-mail and telephone contact details will be withheld from publication on our website. We do not accept anonymous representations.

The council can only take comments on account of "planning considerations".
These include matters such as:

  • The effect on traffic or parking
  • The appearance of the proposal
  • Overlooking or disturbance,
  • Loss of light or privacy,
  • Impact on the local environment
  • Whether the proposed use is suitable.


We cannot take into account matters such as:

  • Private disputes between neighbours
  • Matters covered by leases or covenants
  • The impact of construction work
  • Competition between firms


Please refrain from making comments about the applicant or other interested parties.

Comments which contain offensive or inappropriate language, racist, defamatory or derogatory remarks will not be published or taken into consideration. We reserve the right to remove any comment which contains any words which are or may be defamatory or offensive.

Do not use the online comments facility as a forum to exchange views.

Comments should be submitted as soon as possible during the consultation period. Comments may be submitted after the consultation period had ended, up to the date the decision is made, however acceptance of these comments will be at the discretion of the Planning Officer.

Senior officers make decisions on minor or non-controversial applications but if the application is to be decided by the Area Development Control Committees, any planning comments will be reported and drawn to their attention before a decision is made.

The Committee Reports and Agendas are published at least 5 working days in advance and can be viewed here. The meetings are held in public. The council operate 'public speaking' at Planning Committee Meetings. If you have made written comments, we will normally write to you to let you know the time and venue of the meeting.

It is not possible to respond individually to comments but if you have commented, you will be informed of the council's decision and any conditions that may have been placed on permission.

Only the applicant can appeal against the decision but if an appeal is made, you will be notified and provided with any necessary information on the appeal process.