Meet your Council

One of our promises this year is to promote our services and get councillors out to meet residents and businesses in every ward through our Meet Your Council programme and by attending community events by 31 March 2018.

The aims of our meet your council programme are

  • For all councillors to engage, face to face, with a diverse cross section of people in their wards in informal settings.
  • To help increase the visibility and accessibility of councillors in their wards.
  • To listen to communities, improve our understanding of issues in each ward and support communities in finding solutions to problems.
  • To meet people that we might not otherwise.

The visits were also an opportunity to explain to residents what we're doing in their area.

Click here to view the latest Meet your council programme update report.

For more details contact Tracy Perkins, Localism and Communities Officer on 01386 565517 or email