New Homes Bonus

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New Homes Bonus Protocol 2018-2022

This includes details of the new Community Legacy Grant scheme.

Click here to check how much your parish or town currently has available to draw down under our New Homes Bonus Protocol 2014-16.  This excludes any monies we have approved.

What is New Homes Bonus?

The government introduced the New Homes Bonus in April 2011.  The scheme was designed to ensure that the economic benefits of housing growth are returned to the councils and communities where that growth takes place.

Our New Homes Bonus Protocol (2014-2016) explains how the bonus is calculated, its relationship to the planning system and how we are using the money.  We have allocated up to 40% of our years two to five New Homes Bonus grant for investment in local communities where the development that has generated it has taken place. Parish and town councils can submit proposals for spending New Homes Bonus allocations for their area.  It is very unusual for councils to share any New Homes Bonus with parish and town councils, particularly now that New Homes Bonus is treated as part of our core funding.

Under the original scheme, for every new home built and occupied in Wychavon, and every long-term empty home brought back into use, the government intended to give us a non-ring fenced New Homes Bonus grant each year for six years.  However, the government has now reduced the number of years for which payments are made from six to five years in 2017/18 and from six to four years in 2018/19.  We have reduced the amount we able to pass on to communities to take account of this reduction.

This affects how much Years 2 to 5 New Homes Bonus that we receive and therefore, the amount we are able to pass on to communities.  We have updated the community allocation figures to take account of the reduction in payments, you can view them here

Click here to view the open letter we sent to parish and town councils about:

  1. The future of New Homes Bonus (NHB)

  2. What monies are available for parishes and towns to make applications to spend?

  3. Making successful NHB applications and what type of projects are likely to be successful

Community consultation

We require ALL parish and town councils to consult the community about how New Homes Bonus allocations for their areas should be spent and to provide evidence that they have done so.  You could do this by holding public meetings, flyers through doors, notices around the parish and in parish magazines.  Have a look at our community consultation guidance for further suggestions.  If you do not tell your community how much New Homes Bonus you have available to spend and invite views on how it should be spent we will not consider any proposals you submit to us.  

How to submit a proposal

Please complete our NHB proposal form and email it to us with supporting evidence. We suggest you read our guidance notes before completing your form.  Any proposals over £10,000 will go to the Localism and Community Funding Advisory Panel for approval.  The  dates of the meetings are listed below along with the deadline date in brackets for receipt of the proposal form:

21 January 2019 (2 January)

8 April 2019

For more information click on the links below or contact Tracy Perkins on 01386 565517 or email