‘ENLIGHTEN’ project to light up Evesham

Wychavon District Council will be helping to light up Evesham town centre this autumn with an exciting and permanent creative lighting trail.

Called ‘Enlighten’, the project will combine lighting and projection equipment with permanent high tech modern led lights that will display the rich and interesting heritage of Evesham and the surrounding area, along with different aspects of the town’s history. The lights will also be flexible enough to change colours to whatever suits the occasion, such as green for the Asparagus Festival.

The project has been made possible thanks to £112,000 of combined funding that Wychavon secured from planning contributions, from Evesham Town Council and from Worcestershire County Council to spend towards a new lighting trail for the exterior of Evesham Bell Tower, the War Memorial in Abbey Park and creative projections onto The Almonry Museum.

The project, which will be centred on the Abbey site, will also create new connections between the parks and town centre, enhance the town’s built heritage, reveal and promote the town’s history and improve lighting to public areas.

Jenny Davis, Wychavon’s Arts Development Officer, said: “We are very lucky to have been awarded this money as it means we can get started on phase one of the lighting scheme for Evesham. It’s a very exciting and challenging project but one that I think will add great value to the town and encourage families to visit, whilst also raising the profile of the historic buildings and bringing them to life in a whole new way for all to see.”

Throughout the project there will be an extensive community engagement programme that will provide opportunities for local people of all ages to get involved in a range of workshops, the first two of which are taking place at The Valley (unit 20) on Wednesday 30 May and the Almonry Museum on Thursday 31 May, both from 10.30am until 3.30pm.

At the workshops people will be able to make a shield of the Battle of Evesham, paint an Evesham church window or paint a watercolour of Evesham’s history. They ideas generated in the workshops will be used to help inform and inspire the artists’ final designs for the projections.

Jenny Davis said: “We are currently looking for people to upload old photos of Evesham and photos of artefacts that they think may be of interest to people onto the new website These images could then be used as part of the projection onto the Almonry Museum.”

Wychavon is working with a number of partners including Evesham Town Council, All Saints Church and The Almonry Museum in order to make this project happen and to provide the high quality visitor experience called for in the Evesham Town Plan.



To keep up-to-date with the project you can sign up to the newsletter on the website or like the Facebook page or Twitter @enlighteneves. For more information contact Jenny Davis on 01386 565396 or email