Create your way to losing weight

A new exciting arts project is coming to Evesham starting Thursday, 5 October from 7-8.30pm and it’s free! The 10 week project is for people interested in losing weight but lack the confidence or self-esteem to do so. It’s also for people that are on a diet or who want to maintain their weight and want to boost their confidence more.

The project is an arts one and the first session will be creative writing and the visual arts. The group will then choose what art form they want to continue with.

Jenny Davis Arts Development Officer at Wychavon said “It’s brilliant that we are running this ground breaking project where art is being used to help boost people’s confidence.  I’m excited to see it get going in Evesham.”

Many may well ask how the arts can help with losing weight, but there are many research studies done on how the arts can be a tool to improve well being. One such of these is the latest Creative Health Inquiry Report written by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing (1). It notes that a study done on arts activities in the community demonstrated post event that 82% of people enjoyed greater well being as a result.

Equally a paper by Gordon Cochrane from The College of Family Physicians in Canada states (2) “We need treatments that include strategies to… enhance the sense of self-worth, and develop self-efficacy so that overweight patients can become the agents of change in their pursuit of well being.”

Therefore we hope that through this arts course people will improve their confidence and self-esteem which will in turn support  them to go on to make lifestyle changes to lose or maintain their weight.

The project will run from Wallace House Community Centre in Evesham every Thursday for 10 weeks.

To book contact Jenny Davis 01386 565396 or