Don’t wait for your poll card – there’s no election

Residents in Wychavon are being reminded they will not receive a poll card this year as there are no planned elections being held in the district.

The Electoral Commission will shortly begin a national publicity drive to encourage people to vote as some areas of the country will be electing local councillors. However, because of the electoral cycle Wychavon follows, 2018 will be a rare year when no poll takes place.

The next planned election in the district is in May 2019 when Wychavon will elect all 45 councillors at the same time. Parish council elections will also be held.

If a by-election is needed to elect a councillor to a particular seat or a snap General Election is called before May 2019 then poll cards will be posted as normal.

Residents can register to vote at any time online by visiting This is particularly important for people who have recently moved home as their voting registration details do not follow them to their new address and they will need to re-register.