Online planning services get a refresh

MHDC and Wychavon’s online planning services have received a sizable refresh to bring them up to date and in the modern digital age thanks to a new system on their website.

The whole system has had an overhaul which means that it is more user friendly, more stable, easier to view on mobile devices and includes new features not available before.

One of these features is applying for pre-application advice which can now be applied for and paid for online.

The new service means that all the paperwork and payment can be made directly on the website with no printing or additional waiting time. Once applied for, we aim to provide advice within 15 working days depending on the size of the project - making the process a lot quicker and easier.

Cllr. Melanie Baker, deputy leader of portfolio holder for planning at MHDC said “Streamlining this service will save residents and officers valuable time. Not only will it be quicker to apply for pre-application advice, but it will be more efficient for us to process applications because the whole application process can be dealt with on our website. It is also the kind of service customers expect.”


New Tracking Feature!

There is another new service available on the website as well which allows interested parties to track a planning application and receive automated alerts anytime anything on the application changes.

Cllr. Bradley Thomas, Portfolio Holder for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure at Wychavon said “We know residents, parishes and planning agents are particularly keen to be kept informed of what is happening with a particular planning application and this new tracking will enable anyone to track an application.”

Residents just need to search for a planning applications and click ‘Track this app’ supplying just a name and e-mail address and any time the application moves on in the process, for example when a committee date is set an automated e-mail will be sent to the account.

All these new services can be easily accessed at Wychavon or MHDC website or by searching online for Wychavon or MHDC planning.