Review will save almost £200k

South Worcestershire councils (Malvern Hills, Worcester City and Wychavon) have taken positive action to review Council Tax single person discounts and have been successful in finding incorrect claims.

In an exercise carried out last year, 646 incorrectly applied single person discounts were discovered worth £196,418 in annual Council Tax.

Single person discounts are for people living in a property where there is only one adult in the household and residents must declare if their circumstances change.

Cllr. Lynne Duffy, Deputy Leader and Resources Portfolio Holder at Wychavon, said: “We want to help those who are entitled to the single person discount but residents are obliged to tell us when they are no longer entitled to it. We do appreciate that lives are busy and this can sometimes be forgotten, but people mustn’t forget to do this.”

Recently everyone claiming a single person discount was advised that there was a review and asked to reconfirm their circumstances. However, further investigation still found there were errors in resident claims.

Michael Hudson, Director of Finance at the County Council, said: “South Worcestershire councils collect Council Tax on behalf of a number of public bodies including the County Council and this money is used to provide essential services to residents. This positive action will mean that an additional £200,000 of Council Tax will be received each year, which is vital to support public bodies and maintain services. I would strongly encourage anyone who is claiming this discount incorrectly to get in touch with your local district council as soon as possible to ensure they do not fall foul of the rules.”

To find out more on single person discount call 03004 560 560, or visit your district council’s website and search for single person discount.