Developers going the extra mile to tackle climate change to be recognised

Developers that go above and beyond legal requirements to tackle climate change, will be officially recognised by Wychavon in future.

Councillors have agreed to invite developers to submit statements with planning applications setting out how they will go beyond current Building Regulations on carbon reduction and energy efficiency.

They will also be asked to explain what measures are being taken to reduce carbon emissions during the construction process, to use low carbon materials or energy sources and promote biodiversity within the proposed development.

The statements are not a legal requirement and cannot be enforced by Wychavon or considered as part of planning applications. But it is hoped developers will be keen to demonstrate to the public they are playing their part in supporting efforts to tackle climate change.

Wychavon's Carbon Reduction Panel will review submissions each year and decide which developers should be singled out for praise.

The move follows a Notice of Motion at a Council meeting earlier this year, which called current Building Regulations on energy efficiency insufficient to reduce carbon consumption.

Cllr Ed Cohen, who represents Evesham South Ward and proposed the motion, said: "Current Building Regulations don't go far enough to ensure the development of new homes is contributing significantly to efforts to reduce carbon emissions and help tackle climate change. This motion will allow us to raise awareness of the work already being done by developers to reduce their carbon impact and hopefully inspire others to follow their example."

Cllr Tony Rowley, Executive Board Member for Climate Change, Environmental Services and Regulatory Policy, said: "This will help us hit the carbon reduction targets in our Intelligently Green plan and our efforts to improve biodiversity. By examining work already being done by developers to go beyond Building Regulations, it will also help us lobby the Government to strengthen the rules at a national level." 

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