Flying the flag for Commonwealth Day

The Commonwealth Flag was proudly raised above the Civic Centre in Pershore on Monday (13 March) to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

The annual event is celebrated by people in more than 50 countries across the Commonwealth.

This year's theme is 'Forging a sustainable and peaceful common future' and asks Commonwealth states to commit to supporting the promotion of peace, prosperity and sustainability - especially through climate action - to secure a better future for the lives of all Commonwealth citizens.

Commonwealth Day 2023 also marks the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Commonwealth Charter, a document that sets out the values and aspirations that unite the Commonwealth.

It is also the first Commonwealth Day presided over by His Majesty King Charles III as Head of the Commonwealth.

Cllr Alex Sinton, Chairman of Wychavon District Council, said: "I was proud to raise the Commonwealth Flag on behalf of all the residents of Wychavon. Ten years ago, Queen Elizabeth II signed the Commonwealth Charter based on friendship and loyalty. All the citizens of the member countries remain committed to the ideals contained in the Charter.

"The need to challenge intolerance and inequality. The right of all humankind to health, education, food and shelter. The need to tackle climate change and stop the pollution of our oceans. The desire to seek peace both now and for generations to come.

"The Queen's successor, King Charles III, is equally committed to the vision embodied in the Charter and of which the flag is a symbol."

Cllr Alex Sinton, Chairman of Wychavon District Council, in front of the Commonwealth Flag which is proudly flying alongside the Union Flag outside the Civic Centre in Pershore.
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