Look out for your poll card as countdown to May's elections begins

Poll cards will start landing on doormats across Wychavon next week as the countdown to this year's local elections begins.

Residents are being urged to look out for the cards and if they haven't received one by 6 April to contact Wychavon's elections team as it could be a sign they are not registered to vote. The deadline to register to vote for May's local elections is 17 April, 2023. Registration can be done online using the links from Wychavon's website.

Poll cards will be different to usual as they will have a lift up flap on the back and underneath will be details of the new Voter ID requirement. Voters will need to show a valid form of Photo ID at a polling station otherwise they won't be allowed to vote in May's Wychavon District Council or town and parish council elections.

Anyone who doesn't have a valid form of photo ID can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate before the deadline of 5pm on 25 April 2023. More information is available at www.wychavon.gov.uk/elections or people can pick up a leaflet from local libraries.

Nominations have also opened for anyone wanting to stand for election as a district, town or parish councillor. Potential candidates have until 4pm on Tuesday, 4 April 2023 to return the nomination forms by hand to Wychavon's elections team at the Civic Centre in Pershore.

Voters will elect 43 councillors to Wychavon District Council this time, instead of the usual 45, following a review of the council's electoral wards.

Vic Allison, Returning Officer for Wychavon District Council, said: "Please look out for your poll card over the next couple of weeks and read it carefully as it will tell you everything you need to know about the new Voter ID requirement.

"If you don't receive one by early April please let the elections team know so we can make sure you are registered to vote as we don't want anyone to miss out on having their say at the ballot box.

"Please also check your poll card carefully for the location of your polling station as this may have changed following a review of Wychavon's electoral wards."

For more information visit www.wychavon.gov.uk/elections or call the elections team on 01386 565437.

Katie Hellaby, one of Wychavon’s Electoral Services Officers, with one of the new style poll cards and a reminder for people to check their Photo ID ahead of May’s local elections.
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