Our strategy 2016 - 2020

Our four year strategy sets out the direction for the council from April 2016 up until March 2020.

Our purpose is to be an outstanding, innovative council delivering great services and making life better for everyone in Wychavon.

The strategy contains the three priorities shown below.  For each priority there are several goals - these are the things we want to achieve that will make life better for people.

  • People: healthy, happy, active and supported
  • Place: green, clean and safe with quality, affordable homes
  • Prosperity: vibrant communities with quality jobs and skills.

The strategy also contains a set of promises that will help achieve our goals.  We’ve set 29 promises for 2019/20, 11 of these are brand new and several span more than one year.

We monitor and report our performance against our strategy four times a year and include a summary of how we've performed in our Annual Report.

What we base our strategy on

We base our strategy on four the things listed below:

  • What the local needs are – data and intelligence about the district
  • What the government expects us to do
  • What residents and partners tell us matters
  • What councillors want us to do

Further information

Our values

Cherrie Mansfield
Strategy Performance Manager
Call 01386 565508 between 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday
Email: cherrie.mansfield@wychavon.gov.uk