The Green Flag Awards Scheme was launched in 1996 and gave its first awards in 1997.

In 2015/16, there were over 1500 parks judged to be of a high enough standard to fly the flag.

There are two stages to the judgement process. Firstly, the judges assess the management plan which has been prepared by the Parks Officer and team and then they make a visit to the site. The park or green space is judged against eight criteria.

  • A welcoming place
  • Conservation and Heritage
  • Healthy, safe and secure
  • Community involvement
  • Clean and well maintained
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Management

If the site receives a high enough score against the eight criteria it receives a flag and a certificate to display on site. The award is valid for one year only and if a park/green space is to maintain its green flag it must re-apply annually.

We applied for the first time in 2005, and were successful with a Green Flag for Abbey Park in Evesham. We have also been successful in keeping the award for this park every year since 2005.

This was followed 2 years later by Workman / Waterside Gardens in Evesham, next was Abbey Park in Pershore, then Lido Park / St Peters Fields in Droitwich Spa. Finally in 2013/14 we added Vines Park, Droitwich Spa.

For the last 3 years we have retained the Green Flag Award for all 5 main parks.

Lynn Stevens, Parks Officer said: "Our parks and open spaces are really important to us as we know they are valued by our residents and visitors.  We are so pleased with achieving Green Flag Awards for all 5 our entries again this year 2015/16.  It recognises the hard work of our team, but also shows visitors to our parks that we have high standards".

She added: "Our work never stands still, all the time we try to get better and better and we will continue to work hard to increase the standards in all our parks".

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