Pebworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan


Receipt of Examiner's Report - 10 April 2019

The Report of the Independent Examiner, Collison BA (Hons) MBA MRTPI MIED MCMI IHBC of Planning and Management Ltd, on the Pebworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan was received on Wednesday 10 April 2019.

Examiner's Report - Pebworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan


Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Wychavon District Council have appointed Christopher Collison BA (Hons) MBA MRTPI MIED MCMI IHBC of Planning and Management Ltd to examine the Pebworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

Examiner's Initial Letter, 15 March 2019

Joint Response to Examiner's Initial Letter, 27 March 2019

Examiner's Letter in Response, 27 March 2019


Submitted Neighbourhood Plan Consultation - 7 January to 18 February 2019

Under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Pebworth Parish Council submitted its Neighbourhood Plan to Wychavon District Council on 5 December 2018. In accordance with Regulation 16, a six week public consultation was held from 9am Monday 7 January to 5pm Monday 18 February 2019, during which interested parties were invited to make comments on the Pebworth Neighbourhood Plan.

To view the submitted Pebworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents, please follow the links below:

To view the list of respondents to the Regulation 16 consultation and their comments, please follow the links below:

List of Respondents to Pebworth Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 Consultation


Draft Neighbourhood Plan Consultation - 30 July to 21 September 2018

In accordance with Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Pebworth Parish Council are consulting on their draft Neighbourhood Plan from Monday 30 July to 5pm Friday 21 September 2018. To view this document, please follow the link below:


Neighbourhood Area Application - Approved 10 April 2013

Wychavon District Council received an application for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area by Pebworth Parish Council on Thursday 15 November 2012. The six week consultation ran from Monday 14 January until Monday 25 February 2013, and no objections were raised on the proposed neighbourhood area boundary. The Neighbourhood Area was subsequently approved by Executive Board on 10 April 2013.

Please follow the links below to view the documentation relating to the Pebworth Neighbourhood Area application: