Annual report and our performance


2018/19 Statement of Accounts


2017/18 was another successful year for us. Our Annual Report looks back at what we achieved during the year. Highlights included embarking on an ambitious programme to improve aspirations and life chances in our most deprived ward and supporting the creation of new jobs through our investments at Vale Park, Waitrose in Evesham and Worcester Six.  We made investments in sport and leisure facilities and approved £387,000 of funding for community projects too. 

Our Annual Report also sets out our plans for 2018/19.  There's plenty to focus on including working with partners to tackle social mobility, developing a plan to increase visitor numbers and launching a new community legacy grant scheme as well as preparing for the district council elections in May 2019.

Throughout the year, we report on our performance through our quarterly Signals of Success reports.  Our Executive Board receives a summary of each quarter's performance and the full report goes to our Overview and Scrutiny Committee for consideration and challenge.

Our Signals of Success reports are structured around the three priorities in our corporate strategy.  For each priority, the reports summarise our performance against our annual promises and success measures, as well as highlighting other achievements and areas of concern.

The reports also contains an overview of our financial performance, customer demand and service highlights.  They conclude with a look at the performance of some of our key partnerships and shared services.  You have a look at Signals of Success and Annual Reports from the previous two years below.

Signals of success performance reports


Quarter one: report, promises, corporate measures, service measures and partner measures


Annual Report

Quarter four/end of year: report, promises, corporate measures and service measures

Quarter three: report, promises, corporate measures and service measures

Quarter two: report, promises, corporate measures and service measures

Quarter one: report, promises, corporate measures and service measures



Quarter four: report

Quarter three: report

Quarter two: report

Quarter one: report


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