We have 64 conservation areas within Wychavon. These are areas of special architectural and historic interest that we wish to preserve or enhance, usually the historic parts of towns and villages.

Proposals for development within a Conservation Area will be assessed to ensure that they will either preserve or enhance the character or appearance (or 'significance') of an area. Proposals will be determined against policies contained in the Adopted Wychavon District Local Plan, in particular policy ENV12.

Regard will also be had to national guidance contained in the pdf National Planning Policy Framework (593 KB)  document.

Properties in some conservation areas are protected by Article 4(2) Directions.  This means that at these properties planning permission is needed for works that could otherwise be done without permission, so that the character and appearance of the conservation area will be preserved.  The works brought under planning control are usually new, and alterations to existing, doors and windows, and in some cases other works such as change of roofing materials, removal of boundaries and laying of hardstanding.

Elmley Castle Conservation Area

As part of our statutory duties as a Local Planning Authority we are reviewing the Elmley Castle Conservation Area. The Elmley Castle Conservation Area was designated in 1969, and the review is considering whether the boundary as drawn then is still appropriate. To accompany the boundary review, a Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan has been drafted to explain the special interest of the area and to help safeguard its future preservation and enhancement.

There will be a public meeting, including a presentation of the review with opportunity to ask questions at Elmley Castle Village Hall on Monday 6th January 2020, starting at 6:30pm to which interested parties are invited.

Please see the documents relating to the review below:

The public consultation on the conservation area review will run for 6 weeks, from Monday 6th January 2020 to Friday 21st February 2020.

During this time we would welcome any comments on the proposed boundary changes or the character appraisal, comments can be made via the online form.

All comments should be received by Friday 21st February, and will be taken into account and reported to the Council’s Planning Committee when it considers the review

Conservation Area Review

We are committed to a programme of review of all the conservation areas in Wychavon. In consultation with local residents we are

  • reviewing conservation area boundaries to take make sure they continue to be relevant to the present day
  • carrying out conservation area character appraisals to explain the special interest of each of the conservation areas
  • considering the introduction of extra planning controls to preserve the special character of our conservation areas


  • we offer pre-application advice to potential applicants on the likelihood of getting permission for development in a conservation area, pdf Guidance on Pre-application Advice (3.63 MB)  and are consulted on planning and conservation area consent applications to advise on the appropriateness of development proposals in conservation areas
  • Please read the Advice and Guidance page for further information on this service.

For further information contact

Planning Support Officers: 01386 565565
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Heritage Team

  • advises on development proposals in conservation areas

  • designates and reviews conservation area boundaries

  • prepares and publishes conservation area character appraisals to explain the special interest of the conservation areas

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